'30 Rock' registers with German viewers

Second showing achieves 0.1% market share

COLOGNE, Germany -- Things are looking up for "30 Rock" in Germany.

An average of 30,000 viewers tuned in to channel ZDFneo Wednesday night to watch the Emmy-winning sitcom -- enough for a 0.1% market share, according to German ratings agency Media Control.

While that might not sound like much, it's a major improvement over "30 Rock's" free TV debut in Germany where the show scored a zero rating, a figure that translates to fewer than 5,000 viewers.

But other shows didn't do much better on the digital niche channel, a subsidiary of pubweb giant ZDF, which has been struggling to find an audience since its Nov. 1 relaunch. The share for the ZDFneo premiere of "In Plain Sight" -- 0.2% -- was barely visible. German crime series "Das Duo" flopped in primetime just ahead of "30 Rock" with a 0.1% share.

ZDFneo is being closely watched by the German industry. Germany's pubwebs have a reputation of being staid and risk adverse with an audience demographic tilting heavily to the over 50s. ZDFneo is targeting a younger, hipper crowd -- 25- to 49-year-olds according to the network -- with more cutting edge fare.

The association of German television and film producers has thrown its support behind the channel, saying it hopes it will become "a motor of innovation" for the local industry. But judging by this week's start, that engine is still spluttering.