'30 Rock's' Alec Baldwin Blasts the New York Post Again


The actor alleges that the newspaper is resorting to retaliation for comments he had made on Twitter.

When 30 Rock actor Alec Baldwin went off on a Starbucks employee last week he probably knew the story would get some play. But on Monday, Baldwin alleges that The New York Post may be using some shady techniques to keep the story alive.

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“Did the NY Post just threaten to do a negative piece on someone close to me bc I outed them 4 harassing me at my home on 9-11?” Baldwin tweets.

He later followed that up with, “I grow a’weary of the media.” To understand why he’s so “a’weary,” one must go back to the inciting incident.

E!Online reports that Baldwin had gotten into some kind of altercation with a barista from a Manhattan Starbucks last week. The New York Post’s Helen Freund visited the site and got firsthand accounts of the incident.

In response to the resulting story, Baldwin tweeted on Saturday, "Today's question: What make Helen Freund of NY Post such a sleazy, from-under-a-rock tab gnat? What drives these tab 'writers?' do u care?"

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The newspaper responded by writing that Baldwin sounded “as bitter as an overcooked espresso.” The Post didn’t leave it at that. Another Post reporter apparently visited the actor's building to advance the story on Sunday.

"A woman named Amber Sutherland from the Post JUST CAME TO MY APT BLDG!!" Baldwin angrily tweeted. "ON THE 9-11 ANNIVERSARY!!! To ask me about Starbucks."

And with Monday’s tweet above, it seems the story isn’t quite over yet. Stay tuned.

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