'30 Rock's' John Lutz Will Become a Lab Rat for New Book Deal

John Lutz - P 2012
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John Lutz - P 2012

The comedy actor/writer will subject himself to a range of psychological experiments, all in the name of literature.

John Lutz must be a masochist.

In what is another step down a meta comedy hole, the 30 Rock actor has some big plans for after the series ends: writing a book. On 30 Rock, Lutz plays a guy named Lutz (convenient!) who is a staff writer for the show-within-a-show, and who is constantly subjected to insults and scorn. Ironically, that'll prove solid training for his work on the book.

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Called The Lutz Experiment, it will team him with Jami Zaki, a Stanford psychologist who will subject him to a series of psychological experiments, which they hope will create some more self-awareness and popularize the field -- Lutz majored in the subject at Valparaiso University.

"I try to do things that scare me," Lutz told The New York Times. "Even the idea of writing a book scared me. My wife had to be like, 'I think you should do this – it would be really good for you.' But I’ve never done that before, and it’s terrifying."

A Second City alum, Lutz (the real guy) wrote for Saturday Night Live before acting on 30 Rock.

The show keeps his character's sexuality as a running joke (though he has a website devoted to an online girlfriend), and "Shut up, Lutz," is one of the series' most-used phrases. Looks like he'll get the last word.

30 Rock ends its seven-year run this season.