30 TV projects divvy up aid from EU Media


BRUSSELS -- The EU's Media program of aid to filmmakers has announced 5.75 million euros ($8.43 million) in financing for 30 television projects including four animated works, 18 documentaries and eight narrative projects.

Among the animated projects are the "Fairy Family" series by France's Xilam Animation (set to receive $586,000), "The Famous Five" by Britain's Chorion Rights ($513,000) and "Frog & Friends" by Dutch company Telescreen ($385,400).

The documentaries include "Iran and the West" by Britain's Brook Lapping Prods. ($375,200), "In Search of Beethoven" by Britain's Seventh Art Prods. ($155,400) and "Eco-Crimes Crimes against Nature" by Germany's Langengrad Filmproduktion ($146,600).

The narratives include "The Final Days" by Germany's Olga Films ($586,200), "The Bible Code" by Germany's 24 Frames Film ($732,800), "Labyrinth" by Sweden's Svensk Filmindustri ($381,000), "The Avalanche of the Century" by Germany's Bavaria Film ($732,800), "Kennedy's Brain" by Yellow Bird Films Aktiebolag ($439,700), "Heidi" by France's Dune ($732,800), "The Regicide" by Bob Film Sweden ($470,440) and "11th Commandment" by Austria's Lisa Film Produktion GMBH ($366,400).

The Media program also announced 4.9 million euros ($7.2 million) in funding for 12 VOD platforms -- up from the 3.9 million euros ($5.7 million) originally budgeted thanks to higher-than-expected demand.

These include the Moviepilot Europe platform, France's Universine and the Skandinavia movie channel's Filmmakers' Independent Digital Distribution project.

The EU's 2007-13 Media program set the movie and broadcasting aid at 671 million euros ($983.4 million). The program supports close to 250 works annually, and helps distribute more than 50 European films outside their countries of origin -- including Oscar-winning documentary "March of the Penguins," Peter Mullan's "The Magdalene Sisters," Jacques Audiard's "The Beat That My Heart Skipped" and Roberto Benigni's "La Vita e Bella."