$300 mil now two under Par


Indy did it.

Final data on the weekend's boxoffice for "Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull" shows the Steven Spielberg film crossed the $300 million mark domestically Sunday. The Harrison Ford starrer topped $400 million internationally Friday.

Distributed by Paramount and produced by Lucasfilm, "Crystal Skull" was the first film in the Indy franchise in 19 years. With its domestic achievement, "Crystal Skull" becomes the second $300 million film this year — after the Paramount-distributed, Marvel-produced "Iron Man" with more than $309 million domestically.

"Paramount becomes the first studio in movie history to release two back-to-back $300 million-plus-grossing films two years in a row," the studio noted.

Last year, the Paramount-distributed "Shrek the Third" from DreamWorks Animation and the DreamWorks/Paramount actioner "Transformers" both surpassed $300 million domestically. (partialdiff)