33 of Entertainment's Most Powerful Women on What They Wish Men in Hollywood Knew

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"I wish men in Hollywood knew what it feels like to be the only one in the room," says actress-producer Reese Witherspoon, who weighed in alongside Shonda Rhimes and Elisabeth Moss.

As the avalanche of sexual misconduct allegations continues to ravage Hollywood, attention has again turned to the long-standing gender imbalance in the industry.

Indeed, the numbers are stark: Though women comprise 51 percent of the population and outpace men in earning professional degrees, in Hollywood they occupy only 20 percent of all executive jobs and board seats. When it comes to women in creative positions, in 2016-17 they made up only 28 percent of all creators, writers, directors, producers, editors and directors of photography working on TV programs.

In an attempt to move the conversation forward, The Hollywood Reporter asked the 100 most powerful women in Hollywood to complete this sentence: "I wish men in Hollywood knew …" What follows is 33 of the most powerful answers.

1. "What it feels like to be the only one in the room." — Reese Witherspoon, actor-producer

2. "That gender parity and female leadership is in their best interest, too." — Maha Dakhil, CAA agent

3. "To stop talking." — Amy Pascal, producer

4. "How much unconscious bias they actually have and how it affects them and those around them." — Shonda Rhimes, producer

5. "That parity and inclusion would benefit them, too." — Nina Shaw, lawyer

6. "As much as women." — Emma Watts, 20th Century Fox Film vice chairman

7. "That they have a massive head start." — Sarah Barnett, BBC America president

8. "How it feels when the top of your head hits the glass ceiling." — Jennifer Caserta, IFC president

9. "How much harder women have to work to get the same opportunities." — Pearlena Igbokwe, Universal TV president

10. "That we don't hate them; we just want them to behave." — Sheila Nevins, HBO Documentary Films president

11. "How hard it is to walk in high heels, both literally and metaphorically." — Susan Rovner, Warner Bros. TV exec vp development

12. "That when we are on 8 a.m. conference calls we're actually on mute because we are also showering, making our kids breakfast, getting them dressed, making lunch and on hold with American Airlines booking holiday travel." — Amy Powell, Paramount TV president

13. "What a 'fear based culture' really means." — Diane Nelson, DC Entertainment president

14. "That nobody wants to hear their sex stories." — Sue Naegle, Annapurna TV president

15. "I wish men in Hollywood were asked about sexual harassment and how to change corporate culture to eradicate it as many times as women in Hollywood are asked that question." — Dana Walden, Fox TV Group president

16. "That most don't listen as keenly to women as they think they do." — Rena Ronson, UTA partner

17. "How uncomfortable wearing high heels is." — Courteney Monroe, National Geographic Global Networks CEO

18. "That projects led by and made by women are extremely financially successful." — Elisabeth Moss, actress-producer

19. "What it feels like to be a woman for a day." — Nancy Dubuc, A+E TV Networks, CEO

20. "The 20 things they take for granted every day that women cannot." — Pamela Levine, 20th Century Fox worldwide theatrical marketing president

21. "How to value women equally." — Blair Kohan, UTA partner

22. "That no matter how long our stories are, they should let us finish." — Toni Howard, ICM partner

23. "They are leaving money on the table by not having gender parity and inclusion and diversity." — Victoria Alonso, Marvel Studios exec vp physical production

24. "How to let other people finish sentences!" — Kristine Belson, Sony Pictures Animation president

25. "How tenuous women in Hollywood feel their place is here." — Stacey Sher, Activision Blizzard Studios co-president

26. "What it would take for them to get and keep their big jobs if they were a woman and a mother." — Sharon Tal Yguado, Amazon Studios head of scripted series

27. "They would be more attractive if they were legit feminists." — Mara Brock Akil, producer

28. "How to listen better." — Debra Lee, BET Networks CEO

29. "That diversity and inclusion is smart business, not just a way to look woke." — Nina Jacobson, producer

30. "How much women have to juggle to get it all done." — Kristie Macosko Krieger, producer

31. "What they sound like much of the time. Women too. We all need to listen a little more and talk a whole lot less. The world is changing faster than our chatter." — Allison Shearmur, producer

32. "How much harder women have to work to accomplish the same things they do." — Lori McCreary, PGA president

33. "That listening can get you far." — Lorrie Bartlett, ICM partner