Antonio Banderas Keeps Chilean Miners' Hopes High in 'The 33' Trailer

The 33 Trailer Screenshot H 2015
Warner Bros./Screenshot

The 33 Trailer Screenshot H 2015

"You're my brother — we're going to pull together to get out of here."

Antonio Banderas aims to keep his fellow Chilean miners' hopes high in the new trailer for The 33, which Warner Bros. Pictures and Alcon Entertainment revealed Tuesday.

"You're my brother — we're going to pull together to get out of here," he tells the men below ground. "I believe we'll make it out of here because I choose to believe it!"

Directed by Patricia Riggen, the drama is based on the true story of the 33 Chilean miners who were trapped more than 200 stories underground for 69 days in 2010, following the collapse of the San Jose copper and gold mine. The film, which was shot in real working mines in Colombia and Chile, recounts some of the emotional personal stories behind the gripping incident, which became a global broadcast news event and is considered the longest underground survival story in history.

The film also stars Juliette Binoche, Mario Casas, Lou Diamond Phillips, Rodrigo Santoro, Gabriel Byrne and James Brolin, and features one of the last scores by late composer James Horner.

The 33 his theaters Nov. 13.

Watch the trailer below.