38% of Web homes get premium services

DVD delivery, music/gaming downloads among interests

A full 38% of American homes connected to the Internet are also subscribing to premium services, such as DVD delivery and music and gaming downloads, according to a new report from the NPD Group.
"You've got a core group of people who like having access to these services," NPD entertainment analyst Russ Crupnick said. "At least on the DVD and game side, even in the face of this economy, there's still room for growth."
The Entertainment Trends in America report found 18% of Web-enabled homes are subscribing to DVD services like Netflix or Blockbuster Online, and 12% are subscribing to satellite radio or a premium gaming service. Six% are subscribing to an online music service.
Of those same households, 80% are subscribing to cable, satellite or fiber optic services.
"For just a few dollars a month, consumers can get a vastly expanded library of movies, music or gaming options, and that represents real value, especially as many consumers are economizing by spending more time at home," Crupnick added.
The report surveyed 11,000 consumers ages 13 and up. For more information, visit www.npd.com.
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