420 Games, the Olympics for Stoners, Coming to Santa Monica Pier

420 Day GETTY H 2016
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The event, which seeks to marry athletic endeavor with cannabis activism, takes place on March 26.

Visitors to Santa Monica Pier may find themselves out of puff next Saturday, but only from the aerobic activity as the 420 Games descend on Southern California.

The 420 Games seeks to de-stigmatize cannabis and the organization hopes to show that cannabis users are "[not] lazy, unmotivated" or “stoners,” according to its website.

Founded in 2015, the Games combine weed activism with health and wellness pursuits, such as walking, running, bicycling and skateboarding as well as a main event, a 4.2 mile race dubbed the "Go the Extra Mile for Cannabis" race. Celebrities taking part in the race include UFC fighter Kyle Kingsbury and former NFL Pro-Bowler Kyle Turley.

An all-day event encompassing sports, music and of course all facets of cannabis culture, the 420 Games will have a concert performance by reggae star Pato Banton.

Regarding the Games' debut in Los Angeles, the founder Jim McAlpine said: "Our attendance has doubled from the first event to the second, we expect thousands of people to come run or walk for cannabis respect on March 26th in L.A. There is a passion and vibe of camaraderie at these events that is very inspiring to see."

Organizers expect up to 1000 people to participate in the Santa Monica Pier leg of the California tour of the Games, which will next go to San Francisco on Aug. 27. In total, the Games will visit six cities in four states this year.