5 Blue Cufflinks for Awards Season Red Carpets

THE STYLE _Off the Cuff- Photographed by Joseph Shin - H 2019
Photographed by Joseph Shin

Follow in Mahershala and Bradley's footsteps with these cufflinks.

Go off the cuff and spruce up a blue tux — trending high this awards season — with matching links. These five cufflinks from Tiffany & Co., Chopard, Jacob & Co., Cartier and Breguet add a pop of aqua to the red carpet wardrobe.

1. Breguet

"B" cuff links in 18-karat white gold with lapis lazuli; $5,300, breguet.com or 866-458-7488.

2. Chopard

Tourbillon Wings cufflinks in stainless steel with lapis lazuli; $530, at Chopard boutiques, 800-246-7273.

3. Jacob & Co.

Platinum and sapphire cufflinks (17.28 carats total); $85,000, at Jacob & Co., New York.

4. Tiffany & Co.

Schlumberger Olive cufflinks in 18-karat gold and enamel; $4,200, at Tiffany & Co., Beverly Hills.

5. Cartier

Double C Logo Rose Decor cufflinks in sterling silver with a palladium finish and blue lacquer; $610, at Cartier boutiques.

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