5 Portrayals of Obsessive Lovers in Film

The Perfect Guy Still 1- H 2015
Courtesy of Sony/Screem Gems

With 'The Perfect Guy' hitting theaters, THR rounds up the memorable obsessive boyfriends and girlfriends that have hit the big screen in the past.

Crazy ex-lovers — they can change everything whether it's by threatening your life, showing up to your home unannounced or stealing your cat. The recent release of The Perfect Guy revives the story of the girl who falls for the wrong guy and vice versa. In light of the film hitting the big screen, THR gathered the most memorable films that capture obsessive boyfriends and girlfriends who will do anything to stay in a relationship.

1. The Perfect Guy (2015)

Mr. Right turns out to be Mr. Wrong in the latest thriller starring Michael Ealy, Sanaa Lathan and Morris Chestnut. After Lathan's character gives up her imperfect boyfriend for who she thinks is a better man, she soon realizes she fell for a psycho who turns her world around for the worse, starting with abducting her cat.  

2. Fatal Attraction (1987)

Michael Douglas and Glenn Close portray characters who have a weekend affair that turns into a nightmare. Douglas plays married man Dan Gallagher, whose one time fling with Alex Forrest (Close) turns into a dirty game as Forrest performs violent acts (including attempting suicide) in order to stay in Gallagher's life. 

3. Fear (1996)

Almost 20 years ago, Mark Wahlberg portrayed a young drug dealer who stopped at no lengths to be with Reese Witherspoon's teenage character in Fear. Film critic Leonard Maltin noted in his book Leonard Maltin's 2009 Movie Guide that producer Brian Grazer once called the film "Fatal Attraction for teens."

4. Vanilla Sky (2001)

High profile publisher David Aame's (Tom Cruise) life spirals out of control after his suicidal ex-lover Julie (Cameron Diaz) lands the two in a tragic car accident. Penelope Cruz, Kurt Russell and Tilda Swinton also co-starred in Cameron Crowe's psychological thriller. The film was a remake of the 1997 Spanish film Open Your Eyes. In the clip above, Diaz's character is so obsessed with the relationship that only death can do them part. 

5. Obsessed (2009)

Ali Later pushes the envelope to show her co-worker, played by Idris Elba, that she's never letting go no matter what (even if Elba is married to Beyonce in the film).