5 Things I Love About This Year's Emmys

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What last host and first-time nominee Jimmy Fallon is looking forward to most (watch out Stephen Colbert!).

Hosting is in the rearview mirror: It's really a thankless job: People either love you or hate you. But I had one of the greatest nights of my life last year. It was also the most nerve-racking. There I was, dressed like Bruce Springsteen, and Jane Lynch, Tina Fey and Jon Hamm were on stage with me singing "Born to Run" live. This year is going to be awesome: Sit back and watch and not have to work. I've already found four different types of plastic flasks that I can get through security.

Jane Lynch: She's going to nail it! I'm so happy and relieved that the Emmys are in good hands. She's a great improviser, great on stage -- a real pro. The goal is to make everyone look good, and Jane will be great. She just has to remember that by the end of the show, since there's only one winner per category, the room is mostly full of losers. You better keep everyone happy! Two years ago, I sat next to Will Arnett, and he goes, "Man, look at all these losers." And I was like, "Hey, that's your wife you're talking about!"

Being a first-time nominee for Late Night: We just had our 500th show, so I've been celebrating and eating a lot of cupcakes and pizza. I will be perfectly fat for the Emmys, like Santa Claus. In fact, I borrowed Peter Jackson's old tuxedo. Guys have it easy, anyway. My wife has her dress and the uncomfortable heels and hours of makeup; I just have to wake up and put a suit on. I'll try to do something special, like fix my hair.

Finding a new best friend: I don't know if Jane has anything to do with the seating, but if she seats me anywhere near Stephen Colbert, I'm going to be furious. September 14 marks the end of our six months as BFFs. He couldn't do Best Friends Forever; it was too much for him. It's a sore subject. It just hurts to think about all the great memories. So I'll be looking around for a new best friend at the Emmys, but there are only so many other talk-show hosts you can meet and be best friends with. All I know is, if I lose to Colbert, that's the nightmare of all nightmares. The only way he would win is because I was a guest on his show. I think that means I got him nominated. So a win for him is a win for me. Basically, I'm nominated twice.

Going to L.A. We have a show on the night of Friday the 16th, and then we're all getting on planes -- all these nerd writers, very pale human beings who live in New York -- and we get into L.A. around midnight. We're all excited to jump in the pool! The Beverly Hills Hotel hasn't seen this kind of action in years. We've talked to the other East Coast shows -- Daily Show, Colbert, SNL -- and everyone is in party mode. "Where are you staying? Meet you there! Giant party!" I use the name Stephen Colbert when I stay at the hotel, though. I don't want anyone bothering me.

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