5 Things to Know About the 'Burn Notice' Prequel

"The Fall of Sam Axe," which airs Sunday night on USA Network, stars series regular Bruce Campbell.

The spotlight is on Burn Notice co-star Bruce Campbell in USA Network's prequel Burn Notice: The Fall of Sam Axe, which debuts Sunday night. Here are five facts about the movie:

1. The prequel is set five years in the past. The movie centers on Campbell's character -- the womanizing, liquor-loving ex-spy Sam Axe -- when he was still Lieutenant Commander Axe. He gets sent on a mission to Colombia to advise a local military platoon but soon realizes he might be, in fact, working with the enemy.

2. The movie was directed by Burn Notice star Jeffrey Donovan. Campbell says it wasn't awkward having his co-star suddenly become his director. In fact, Donovan -- who plays former CIA operative Michael Westen -- has already directed one episode of the series. "We thought he did a good job, the whole crew, so when this opportunity came up to make this movie, he had expressed an interest in it. I supported it and ran it up the flagpole and got him elected," Campbell told Zap2it. "He's great with getting a performance, because he knows if you're dogging it. He knows if you're fumbling through something. He'll make you work until you get it. He's got multiple techniques to do that, because he's an actor. He knows all their little tricks." Campbell also revealed that he calls the actor "Mr. Donovan" because he's at the top of the call sheet, while Campbell is No. 2. While filming the prequel, Campbell called him "Mr. Director."

3. The movie ties in to the overall story line of the TV series. In a recent press call for the movie, Campbell quipped that if fans of the show miss the movie,"it will be “just like Lost – you’ll be lost.” “[Series creator] Matt Nix has made it clear that because of this prequel, an event that took place five years ago, Sam Axe had a bit of a run-in with the CIA," Campbell said, as reported by ScreenRant." Ironically, Michael Westen is now getting back in with the CIA, five years later. That might not be a good thing for Sam Axe. ... Sam knows a lot of guys, but his little run-in with the CIA might actually cause him a few glitches in the future.”

4. The Colombia shoot was "challenging." The shoot took place at an elevation of 8,600 feet, with nighttime temperatures around 48 degrees -- and some locations went as high as 11,000 feet, Campbell told Zap2it. That's a far cry from Miami, where the series films. But in his press call, Campbell admitted that it made for a more authentic film.

5. Campbell got "action hands" from doing some of the scenes. "I had Winchester finger one day," Campbell told Zap2it. "When you think about it, if you fire a Winchester, you have to put your hand in the section that cocks the gun. And your middle finger -- I'm a lefty -- tends to do a lot of the work. So I realized why Chuck Connors, in the TV show The Rifleman, wears gloves. The rifle will tear your little fingers apart. So my scabs have just started falling off both hands."