5 Tips For Throwing the Best Holiday Party From a Hollywood Party Pro

EmilyR_BFA - P 2016
John Salangsang/BFA

EmilyR_BFA - P 2016

Keep it simple, but don't forget the twinkle lights.

Ashlee Margolis opened the doors to The A List, her office-meets-showroom space in Beverly Hills, for a Vince Camuto all-girls dance party Tuesday night. There were celebs (Emily Ratjakowski, Selma Blair, Busy Philipps), booze (CIROQ, Whispering Angel Rose, Gem & Bolt mezcal), snacks (see spread below), and options for the alcohol-free set (Health-Ade Kombucha and JUST water).

Margolis, the founder of the the branding, fashion and events business, is known around Hollywood for her masterful hosting skills, whether the bash is inside her office or out. Pret-a-Reporter cornered her not far from the entrance for a rundown of her top holiday party planning tips. And surprisingly, the mother of two says to just keep it simple.

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1. Bigger isn't better: "Make your space small and intimate so people are forced to rub elbows and interact with each other," says Margolis.

2. Playlist for days: "Great music! I always love R&B, hip-hop and yacht rock to start the night. Yacht rock is the best," she offers, without apologizing to country music fans.

3. Flip the switch: "I'm all about the lighting. You need festive lighting — twinkle lights. I love a ton of 'bistro lights' for a great holiday vibe," says Margolis.

4. Crowd sourcing: "Curating a great mix of people is a must," she says. "You need people who are a lot of fun and very happy to keep the party colorful."

5. A great outfit, helps too. "I'm wearing Vince Camuto shoes and over in the corner is my Vince Camuto bag."