50 Cent Talks Continuing the Story of 'Power' With Spinoff 'Power Book II: Ghost'

"The show is still growing, so there's no reason for you to say that it's gonna end, 'cause it’s not," 50 Cent told In Studio.

Starz's hit drama Power is currently airing its sixth and final season, bringing in strong ratings for its season premiere. But the story of Power isn’t over just yet.

Executive producer 50 Cent joined The Hollywood Reporter In Studio to discuss continuing the story of Power with the next chapter, Power Book II: Ghost, which will follow the journey of some of the show's most controversial characters and will star Mary J. Blige.

"It does not make sense to even market or promote the idea of it ending when it's growing so fast. Like this year, the first episode of Power came in 40 percent over its last season's viewership. The show is still growing, so there's no reason for you to say that it’s gonna end, 'cause it's not," he explained.

The rapper and executive producer also touched on Power's growing younger audience, saying, "There's a large portion of the audience that watches their television on a phone, on an 8-inch screen. Millennials are doing that. The younger person [is] actually getting into it. And then it's cool, you got the demographic that I feel like is my core demo that is committed to things."

Along with executive producing the series, 50 Cent has a directing credit under his belt, having helmed the third episode of season six, "Forgot About Dre," which he calls his favorite episode of the season.

While teasing the remainder of season six, 50 Cent told In Studio, "It's gonna be intense, man. You gotta buckle up and prepare for the ride. It’s a roller coaster. There's so many different cool moments in it that I think … OK, I’ll tell you the truth: I think my episode is the best. I think I'm the best. I think I'm 50 Scorsese.”

Power airs Sundays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on Starz.

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