50 Cent Designs Line of Men's Luxury Performance Underwear

50 cent - H 2015
AP Images/Invision

50 cent - H 2015

A pair from the rapper's Frigo Crown line runs up to $100.

Rapper and savvy investor Curtis Jackson (whose moniker 50 Cent is, at this point, rather inappropriate given his net worth) has a knack for picking up on emerging markets (see, for example, his belief in the Vitamin Water brand before it was purchased by Coca-Cola). If his latest prediction about market trends is correct, the men's luxury performance underwear field is about to pick up steam. 

Jackson teamed up with former Tempur-Pedic president Mathias Ingvarsson to help raise $80 million for the Swede's latest endeavor, a European men's underwear brand called Frigo. Additionally, the rapper designed a collection for the luxury label called Frigo Crown (in stores this summer), but a pair from the line will cost a bit more than half a dollar.

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With prices ranging from $39$100 per pair, the adjustable Frigo specialty trunks feature a no-sweat mesh pouch, silicon-lined legs to prevent riding up, and a sleek design courtesy of Jackson's sharp eye. Ingvarsson tells WWD that with slimmer-fitting men's pants on trend at the moment, the market for men's luxury undergarments will only continue to grow. 

As for his investment in the brand, Jackson told the trade, "You can think of probably four or five different companies that produce high-end underwear for women, but there’s nothing that comes to mind that produces high-end stuff for men." Fellow rapper Timbaland (Timothy Mosley) and athletes Derek Jeter and Carmelo Anthony seem to agree, as they have also invested in the brand. 

It seems that what they say is true: The proper underwear makes all the difference.