$54.8 Mil 'Harry Potter' Tops Int'l Box Office for Third Straight Weekend

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 

"Tangled" places second again in its second weekend with $25.4 mil; "Megamind" takes third place.

Thanks to the success of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part I  -- which claimed the No. 1 spot on the foreign theatrical circuit for the third consecutive weekend -- the Hollywood majors have substantially enlarged their new overseas box office record notched earlier last month.

According to studio figures, the six majors -- 20th Century Fox, Disney, Warner Bros., Paramount, Sony and Universal -- collectively grossed $11.5 billion offshore in the January-November period, $823,000 more than their previous foreign box office record of $10.7 billion registered in calendar year 2009.

With Disney's Tron: Legacy, among other titles, still to be released overseas in 2010, the full year's foreign box office record figure will be boosted significantly higher. (For the month of November, Paramount claimed the biggest gross total of the big six with $117.5 million.)

As of Nov. 30, Warner Bros., the distributor of Deathly Hallows, has taken over the second spot in the year-to-date overseas sweepstakes (elbowing Disney aside), claiming $2.550 billion in foreign box office January-November. (Disney's YTD figure was $2.115 billion.) Fox remains in first place with an 11-month tally of $2.612 billion.

Meanwhile, Deathly Hallows grossed $54.8 million -- down 52% from the prior weekend's tally -- from about 14,000 screens in 63 territories. Overseas cume for the seventh title in the Harry Potter franchise stands at $469.7 million, nearly twice the $244.2 million domestic gross total.

Top market on the weekend was France ($8.6 million from 1,020 screens for a market cume of $28 million) followed by the U.K. ($5.9 million at 570 locations; cume $61.3 million), Japan ($5.5 million from 850 sites; cume $45.7 million) and Germany ($5.3 million at 905 situations; cume $42.8 million).

Placing second on the weekend overall was Disney Animation's Tangledthe No. 1 title domestically, which is currently playing 35% of the "international marketplace," as per the distributor. That translates to 3,355 screens in 15 territories, which threw off a weekend gross of $25.4 million.

France, where Disney product scores especially well, provided $5.6 million from 685 locations. So far, the 3D animation retelling of the classic Rapunazel tale has grossed over two stanzas $45.2 million in foreign box office; $141.7 million worldwide. Tangled opens in German-speaking European markets this week.

No. 3 on the weekend, DreamWorks Animation's Megamind, opened via Paramount in 27 territories covering much of Europe and Latin America, and generated $15.7 million overall from 3,234 venues.

The comedy-fantasy animation in 3D, voiced by Will FerrellBrad Pitt and Tina Fey, premiered No. 2 in the U.K. ($4.4 million from 470 locations). Brazil contributed $2.6 million from 245 spots while a No. 3 Germany bow registered $1.4 million from 552 situations. Cume stands at $48.5 million.

Megamind opens in 19 markets including France and Mexico this weekend.

Fourth was Space Battleship Yamato, the $22 million live action adaptation of an animated tv series from Tokyo Broadcasting System, which distributor distributor Toho played at 440 locations in Japan. The futuristic sci-fi adventure, directed by Takashi Yamazaki, drew $6.38 million in its opening round.

No. 5 on the weekend was Due Date, Warner Bros.' comedy starring Robert Downey Jr., which grossed $6.2 million from nearly 3,000 sites in 54 markets. Overseas cume stands at 82.5 million.

Unstoppable from 20th Century Fox, grossed $4.4 million on the weekend from 2,700 situations in 52 markets. Foreign gross total for director Tony Scott's runaway train saga starring Denzel Washington stands at $51.3 million.

Paramount's Jackass 3D opened in Russia ($2 million at 393 screens) and drew $3.8 million on the weekend overall from 1,117 situations. The stunt-doc action comedy, the third in the Jackass series, is tracking so far as the best overseas grosser of the mini-franchise with an overseas cume of $46.9 million.

Lionsgate's horror outing, Saw 3D, scared up $3.7 million on the weekend from 1,100 overseas locations, raising the cume to $73.4 million. The Social Network from Sony, director David Fincher's drama about Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, upped its foreign gross total to $93.9 million thanks to a $2.7 million weekend grossed from 1,331 screens in 56 markets.

Summit International's RED, a spy caper costarring Bruce Willis, Helen Mirren, Morgan Freeman and John Malkovich, is showing fatigue after eight weeks playing overseas. Weekend tally was $2 million drawn from 1,840 screens in 41 territories, nudging the film's foreign gross total to $72.4 million.

In France, the top-ranked local language title is A Bout Portant (Point Blank), Gaumont's release of director Fred Cavaye's thriller, which opened No. 3 with $1.85 million at 308 screens. Ranking No. 8 was Mars Distribution's Mon Pote (My Buddy), a comedy directed by Marc Esposito about the friendship between an auto magazine publisher and a prisoner. Openings at 300 sites generated $643,301.

Sony released Machete in 30 foreign markets including France and Switzerland for a weekend tally of $1.2 million derived from 725 screens. Co-directed by Robert Rodriguez and costarring Danny Trejo and Robert DeNiro, the action-comedy has amassed $13.9 million so far overseas, $8.9 million of which emanates from markets handled by Sony.

Other international cumes: Paramount's Paranormal Activity 2, $83.2 million; Universal's La Donna Della Mia Vita, $2.5 million from Italy only; Mars Distribution's Potiche (Puppet), $14.8 million over four frames in France only; Universal's Devil, $19.9 million; UGC's Les Nom Des Gens (People's Names), $2.25 million over two rounds in France only; Universal's Despicable Me, $286.7 million; EuropaCorp. Distribution's Les Petits Mouchoirs (Little White Lies), $39 million over seven rounds in France only; Universal's Julia's Eyes, $8.6 million from Spain only; Fox's Vampire's Suck, $43.7 million; and Universal's Senna, $2.6 million from Brazil and Japan only.

Also, Sony's Resident Evil: Afterlife, $231.6 million; Focus Features/Universal's The American, $29 million; Fox's My Name is Khan, $34.9 million; Universal's Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, $15.7 million; Sony's Takers, $10.3 million; Paramount's Agora, $203,342 in Australia and New Zealand; Sony's Eat Pray Love, $122.8 million; Focus Feature's Another Year, $2.9 million from U.K, Netherlands and Greece' Paramount's Made in Dagenham, $7.7 million; Focus Features/Universal's Biutiful, $6.7 million from Spain, Mexico and Sweden; Paramount/Shochiku's Ghost: In Your Arms Again, $9 million in Japan only; Focus Features' Somewhere, $2.4 million; Sony's Easy A, $13.8 million; Focus Features/Universal's The Kids Are All Right, $3.5 million; and Sony's The Other Guys, $50.1 million.