55th annual DGA awards

55th annual DGA awards

Best Director - Documentary
 Rob Fruchtman, Rebecca Cammisa - Sister Helen
 Malcolm Clarke, Stuart Sender - Prisoner of Paradise
 Tasha Oldham - The Smith Family
 Chuck Braverman - Bottom of the Ninth
 Leah Mahan - Sweet Old Song, P.O.V.

Best Director - Motion Picture
 Peter Jackson - The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers
 Roman Polanski - The Pianist
 Rob Marshall - Chicago
 Stephen Daldry - The Hours
 Martin Scorsese - Gangs of New York

Best Director - Musical Variety
 Glenn Weiss - The 56th Annual Tony Awards
 Matthew Diamond - From Broadway: Fosse (Great Performances: Dance in America)
 Jerry Foley - Late Show with David Letterman #1876
 Louis J. Horvitz - The 74th Annual Academy Awards
 Marty Callner - Robin Williams Live on Broadway

Best Director - Television Children's Program
 Greg Beeman - A Ring of Endless Light
 Gregory Hobson - Band on the Roof - Even Stevens
 Thom Eberhardt - I Was a Teenage Faust
 Amy Schatz - Through A Child's Eyes: September 11, 2001
 Guy Ferland - Bang Bang You're Dead

Best Director - Television Comedy Series
 Larry Charles - The Nanny from Hell - Curb Your Enthusiasm
 David Steinberg - Mary, Joseph & Larry - Curb Your Enthusiasm
 Michael Patrick King - Plus One is the Loneliest Number - Sex and the City
 Bryan Gordon - Special Section - Curb Your Enthusiasm
 James Burrows - Marry Me a Little - Will & Grace

Best Director - Television Daytime Serial
 Michael Stich - The Bold and the Beautiful (Episode 3948)
 Larry Carpenter - One Life to Live (Episode 8655)
 Scott McKensey - Port Charles (Episode 1433)
 Jill Mitwell - One Life to Live (Episode 8691)
 Frank Valentini - One Life to Live (Episode 8656)

Best Director - Television Drama Series
 Paris Barclay - Debate Camp - The West Wing
 John Patterson - Whitecaps - The Sopranos
 Alex Graves - Posse Comitatus - The West Wing
 Daniel Attias - Back to the Garden - Six Feet Under
 Tim Van Patten - Whoever Did This - The Sopranos

Best Director - Television Movie
 Mick Jackson - Live from Baghdad
 Julie Dash - The Rosa Parks Story
 Richard Loncraine - The Gathering Storm
 Howard Deutch - Gleason
 John Frankenheimer - Path to War

Frank Capra Achievement Award
 Yudi Bennett

Franklin J. Schaffner Achievement Award
 Esperanza Candy Martinez

Honorary Life Member
 John Rich

Lifetime Achievement Award
 Martin Scorsese

Robert Aldrich Award
 Jud Taylor
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