57th annual DGA awards

57th annual DGA awards

Best Director - Documentary
 Jehane Noujaim - Control Room
 Michael Moore - Fahrenheit 9/11
 Ross Kauffman, Zana Briski - Born Into Brothels
 Byambasuren Davaa, Luigi Falorni - The Story of the Weeping Camel
 Ross McElwee - Bright Leaves

Best Director - Motion Picture
 Alexander Payne - Sideways
 Clint Eastwood - Million Dollar Baby
 Taylor Hackford - Ray
 Marc Forster - Finding Neverland
 Martin Scorsese - The Aviator

Best Director - Television Children's Program

 Duwayne Dunham - Tiger Cruise
 Jeremy Kagan - Crown Heights
 Stuart Gillard - Going to the Mat
 Lee Rose - Jack
 Paul Hoen - Searching for David's Heart

Best Director - Television Comedy Series

 Robert Weide - The Carpool Lane - Curb Your Enthusiasm
 Charles McDougall - Pilot - Desperate Housewives
 Arlene Sanford - Pretty Little Picture - Desperate Housewives
 Bryan Gordon - The 5 Wood - Curb Your Enthusiasm
 Tim Van Patten - An American Girl in Paris, Part Deux - Sex and the City

Best Director - Television Daytime Serial
 Brian Mertes, Matt Lagel - Guiding Light
 Conal O'Brien - All My Children
 Bruce Barry - Guiding Light
 Christopher Goutman - As the World Turns
 Joseph Behar - General Hospital

Best Director - Television Drama Series
 Walter Hill - Pilot - Deadwood
 John Patterson - All Due Respect - The Sopranos
 J.J. Abrams - Pilot, Part 1 - Lost
 Christopher Chulack - Time of Death - ER
 Tim Van Patten - Long Term Parking - The Sopranos

Best Director - Television Movie
 Lloyd Kramer - The Five People You Meet in Heaven
 Robert Altman - Tanner on Tanner, Parts 1-4
 Joe Sargent - Something the Lord Made
 Christopher Reeve - The Brooke Ellison Story
 Stephen Hopkins - The Life and Death of Peter Sellers

Best Director - Television Musical or Variety
 Bruce Gowers - Genius: A Night for Ray Charles
 Chuck O'Neil - The Daily Show with Jon Stewart
 Ron de Moraes - Great Performers: Eric Clapton
 Louis Horvitz - 76th Annual Academy Awards
 Jerry Foley - Late Show with David Letterman - Episode 2187

DGA Diversity Award
 Stephen McPherson

Frank Capra Achievement Award
 Herb Adelman

Franklin J. Schaffner Achievement Award
 Stanley Faer

President's Award
 Gilbert Cates