6 Must-Own Fragrances for Spring

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With notes of freshly watered rose gardens, Costa Rican pineapple and more, the most scintillating scents for men and women for a new start this spring.

Memo Paris

From the second you run your hands over the leather keepsake box, you know you’re in for something decadent with Tamarindo Eau de Parfum by Memo Paris; $295. The Parisian brand offers luxuriously composed fragrances that conjure memories of far-off lands and distant memories. Inspired by the lushness of Costa Rica, key notes are pineapple, jasmine and vanilla. Few fragrances are able to transport the wearer to another place quite like this one. Visit their flagship store on Rue Cambon in Paris or, barring that, select Neiman Marcus stores. 

Ex Nihilo

Offering artisanal craftsmanship at the highest quality is Ex Nihilo’s trademark. French Affair by Ex Nihilo; $325, celebrates the carefree energy of 1970s Rive Gauche spirit in crystal-clear sparkling notes of bergamot, rose and vetiver. The chic scent transports the wearer one step closer to that French girl style. Try it on for size at Saks Fifth Avenue.


Beloved by Charlize Theron, Oprah and Sharon Stone, Kai’s luminous signature scent of fresh-cut bouquets of Jasmine is a longtime Hollywood favorite. Instead of toying around with trying to create a new fragrance, the oil of roses was simply added. Cue memories of Pasadena rose gardens with blooms the size of your palm, and the lingering scent of watered petals on a 68 degree spring day. Another hit by founder Gaye StrazaKai Rose Eau De Parfum; $76.

Tory Burch

Just Like Heaven by Tory Burch; $138, is the latest from the iconic American designer. Inspired by free thought between the new and familiar, the floral-citrus fragrance is alluring with a deep floral bouquet. Notes of rhubarb, mandarin and hyacinth mix for the perfect clean-smelling fragrance mirroring Tory Burch’s treasured aesthetic. Available at Nordstrom, Sephora, Bloomingdale's and Tory Burch boutiques.  

Acqua di Parma

Colonia Pura by Acqua di Parma; $155, anchors a gentleman in Italy's waters with a warm and sunny citrus scent. Men of a certain style will appreciate the art deco charm of Aqua di Parma, and Colonia Pura is a great fresh start for spring with notes of juicy orange, narcissus and jasmine, leaving more to explore as the day goes on. 

Jo Loves

Famed perfumer Jo Malone launched Jo Loves in England in 2011, following the sale of her widely successful namesake brand to Estee Lauder. After enduring the challenges of breast cancer and later writing a compelling biography, Malone returns to shelves with new scents to entice your senses. If you’re a longtime fan of Jo Malone’s hits — grapefruit, red roses or lime basil — this line is for you. Pomelo by Jo Loves; $105; inspired by fresh sheets and sparkling ice water, the grapefruit-infused scent is refreshing and clean. Welcome back, Ms. Malone.