6 Quick and Easy Pop Culture-Inspired Halloween Costumes That Aren't Harley Quinn

Beyonce in Roberto Cavalli for 'Lemonade'

A lazy girl's guide to finally having an original costume.

If your Ken Bone costume plans were dashed in the aftermath of the Missouri-native's disturbing unearthed Reddit comments, and every other female you know already took your idea for a Harley Quinn costume (it's the most searched on both Pinterest and Polyvore), fret not — we have your last-minute, pop culture-inspired costume needs covered. 

In an age where costumes are immortalized forever on Instagram, it's no longer adequate to grab your cat ears and call it a night. So instead, try one of these clever — and most importantly, easy — costumes on for size.

1. Beyonce's "Hold Up" look from Lemonade
You'll need: a mustard yellow ruffled dress (by Roberto Cavalli, if you're fancy) and a baseball bat labeled "Hot Sauce." 

Every year's a good year when you're Beyonce, but 2016 was especially kind to the Queen. Not only did she perform at the Super Bowl and drop a new album, but she also rocked the entertainment world by dropping a one-hour visual album special, Lemonade, on HBO. Though she didn't win the Emmy, Bey and her now-iconic yellow dress became a symbol of female empowerment and general badass-ness.

2. "Damn Daniel"
You'll need: white Vans and a hype man.

It's hard to believe that it's been almost a year since Daniel Lara and his best friend Joshua Holz first wooed the internet with Lara's disarming smile and Holz's sick "Damn Daniel" beats. Pay homage to the So Cal high schoolers by dressing like the sun-drenched Lara in a pair of worn Levi's, a white tee, and, of course, a pair of white Vans. When the ignorant masses inevitably ask what you are, simply reply: "I'm back at it again with the white Vans." 

3. Female Ghostbusters
You'll need: a khaki jumpsuit, black boots, a backpack and a kickass attitude.

This year's all-female Ghostbusters remake was in the news nearly everyday this summer, mainly for its resilient cast's (Kristen Wiig, Leslie Jones, Melissa McCarthy, Kate McKinnon) reaction to the sexist internet commentary about the reboot. Keep the anti-misogynist spirit alive by grabbing three of your girlfriends and a few khaki jumpsuits to recreate the year's hardest working girl gang. (No offense, Taylor and squad.)


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4. Snapchat filters
You'll need: a printer, scotch tape.

Snapchat filters are basically 2016's version of Mean Girls' 2004 mouse costume, and with good reason — they're just as easy to put together. Simply print out the dog ears and nose, and apply with scotch tape. The best part? You can wear pretty much any clothing you'd like. If you're feeling a bit more ambitious, you can always use makeup to recreate some of the filters. (We'd highly recommend the rainbow vomit or pop art looks.)


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5. Eleven from Stranger Things
You'll need: a pastel pink baby doll dress, a navy hoodie, fake blood for a nosebleed, a blonde wig and a box of frozen Eggo waffles.

While most of the buzz surrounding Netflix's cult hit Stranger Things has been related to Winona Ryder's return to the spotlight, the kids — each breakout stars in their own rights — cannot be overlooked. Channel fan-favorite Eleven in a pastel dress, Eggo waffles in hand. Bonus points if you're wiling to forgo the wig in favor of actually shaving your head. 


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6. Hillary Clinton 
You'll Need: a red, white or blue pantsuit and kitten heels. (Sunglasses optional.)

It's an election year, meaning no Halloween costume list would be complete without a politician. This year, try a Clinton pantsuit on for size in red, white or blue.