6 Hollywood-Loved Spas and Clinics Where Stars Seek Secrets to Living Longer

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The exclusive medical, health and wellness destinations in Los Angeles that entertainment industry insiders go to as they aim to optimize longevity.

Entertainment industry insiders might not talk about it as openly as Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey — who’s tweeted and chatted about some extreme behaviors designed to extend his lifespan — but plenty of people in Hollywood are concerned about not only aging countenances but also physiologies. Here’s where they go for testing and more.

Upgrade Labs
Matthew Modine is a devotee of the Santa Monica and Beverly Hills (opening in January inside the Beverly Hilton) facilities based around Bulletproof founder Dave Asprey’s obsession with biohacking — the entrepreneur’s own goal is to live to be 180. Gerard Butler and Rick Rubin also engage in the high-tech modalities that offer brand-new options for extending one’s vitality. One such offering is O-Zone Sauna (only available at Beverly Hills), in which a combination of heat and ozone make for the speedy elimination of toxins and cellular waste while energizing and oxygenating cells to encourage longer lives. Another option is NAD, a.k.a. nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide, a cofactor credited with keeping living cells healthy, young and functioning optimally that pre-clinical research indicates plays a role in increasing lifespan. It can be taken in IV, nasal spray, Sub Q injection or supplement tablets. (Memberships are $500-$3,500/week, upgradelabs.com)

Pritikin Longevity Center
Three pillars — regular exercise, healthy eating and a healthy mindset — are the basis of Pritikin’s medically supervised resort program in Miami, designed to lengthen lifespan with its core two-week program comprising physician-led lectures and private physicals, bloodwork and testing, fitness classes, cooking lessons and nutritionist-led field trips. Guests including Jeff Garlin, Caroline Rhea and Univision Network co-host Raúl De Molina have gone through their paces, with Garlin once proclaiming, “The Pritikin experience came right out and punched me in the face … I looked healthy! Sure I’m swearing off cheesecake and Ho-Hos, but I’m getting a quality of life that’s through the roof.” (Average all-inclusive stays are $5,000/week per person; upgrade to Spa Grand Suite for an additional $3,700, pritikin.com)

California Health & Longevity Institute at Four Seasons Hotel Westlake Village
The brainchild of wellness-obsessed Dole Food billionaire David Murdock — still involved in his Institute's operation at 96 years of age — is where TV host Giuliana Rancic gets full medical and blood workup and body assessments in an ultra-private setting. These tests give the staff doctors, registered dietitians and physiologist a baseline for plans that include customized diet, sleep and exercise recommendations. The three- to five-day Ultimate Health Package also includes a Wellness Kitchen Experience, spa treatments, nights at the Four Seasons and integrative health treatments such as medical hypnotherapy and energy healing. (Ultimate Health package starts at $4,460, chli.com)

Rancho La Puerta
While they haven’t experienced the Executive Wellness Program at this south-of-the-border Baja wellness resort, Oprah Winfrey, Madonna and Kate Winslet are vets of the oldest spa in North America. The extremely thorough, ultra-personalized weeklong integrative program — a collaboration with San Diego’s Lifewellness Institute — is goal-oriented and designed to boost long-term health through myriad testing, assessments and scans over a five-and-a-half-hour examination and healthy lunch with the physician. Think ultrasound, spiometry, ECG, DEXA and a slew of labs. (From $6,950, rancholapuerta.com)

SHA Wellness Clinic
The just-launched Healthy Aging programs at this Spanish wellbeing clinic (where actresses Rossy de Palma and Debi Mazar go to reset with high-tech treatments and macrobiotic cuisine) aim to improve health and appearance by reducing biological age. Mazar has told The Hollywood Reporter that afterward, “I felt younger and I had more energy." The weeklong programs that strive to holistically delay the aging process include an extensive medical assessment in genetics, derma-aesthetics, cognitive stimulation and energy health medicine, resulting in a personalized biological profile comprising almost 100 key determinations (such as biochemistry, hormonal, immunology) of premature aging, plus a genetic profile of oxidative stress levels, prescription of nutrition, supplement and physical exercise plans, as well as natural and medical therapies. There are polygraphs for sleep diagnosis, ozone therapy sessions, a neurocognitive assessment, colon hydrotherapy, NADH treatment and pelvic floor physiotherapy for women, to name but a few elements of the inside-out makeover. ($8,365, shawellnessclinic.com)

Cal-a-Vie Health Spa
Angelica Huston, Russell Crowe, Shailene Woodley, Natalie Portman and Oprah Winfrey have visited this Provencal-style retreat in Vista, California, with a staff-to-guest ratio of 5:1, where all programs promote longevity in part via forest bathing, red light therapy, hiking and intermittent fasting. Nutrition is a major part of the living-longer equation (Twitter's Dorsey eats only one meal a day), especially in creating hormesis, the phenomenon showing that introducing little stressors — such as eating foods with resveratrol and fasting — actually promote longevity. Advanced testing, including for metabolism and heavy metals (NutrEval) and food sensitivities, is embraced, alongside genetics, hormone and microbiome checks in order to fully customize long-term plans (some guests stay for months). “We talk about quality of life, not just the age you live to,” says director of nutrition May Tom, adding, “It's knowing what your Achilles heel is so we can tweak diet and lifestyle and get people on track to being healthy the rest of their lives.” (Weeklong plans from $9,950/person, cal-a-vie.com)