Barron Trump Is Headed to Washington This Summer

Barron Trump Donald Trump - Republican National Convention - Getty - H - 2016
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There's a new first kid in town.

So long, Sasha and Malia Obama. The Trumps are taking over 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. 

Of Donald Trump's five children, Barron Trump, his youngest son with third wife and future first lady Melania Trump, will be the only of his offspring to take residence in the White House. Melania and Barron did not immediately move to Washington, D.C. following the inauguration, instead staying at their Manhattan penthouse in Trump Tower so that Barron, 11, could continue his schooling at an Upper West Side private school. The pair will follow Trump to the White House this summer.

However, Donald Jr., Eric and Ivanka — Trump's children with first wife Ivana — are close by in order to give their dad support. Ivanka distanced herself from her eponymous clothing line to avoid a conflict of interest as she pledges to work on behalf of women's interests in a bigger way. Her official government title is assistant to the president; the position is unpaid.

Tiffany, Trump's daughter with second wife Marla Maples and a 2016 University of Pennsylvania grad, is preparing to attend Georgetown Law School in the fall.

But inquiring minds want to know, what is America's newest first kid — a 11-year-old born of a former model and real estate billionaire — really like? Will he stir up trouble, as Bush twins Barbara and Jenna did when their partying habits were documented by the tabloids? Or like Malia Obama did when she was photographed smoking weed at a music festival? 

11:00 a.m., Friday, May 12: Updated with Barron's new D.C. school.

Here's everything to know about the littlest Trump heir:

1. He attended the Columbia Grammar and Preparatory School on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, and will enroll at the St. Andrew's Episcopal School in Maryland this fall. 
Barron attended prestigious private school Columbia Grammar and Preparatory School, which costs approximately $45K per year. The school was originally founded in 1764 and boasts famous alumni including Moby Dick author Herman Melville and beloved Buffy the Vampire actress Sarah Michelle Gellar.

In September, Barron will attend St. Andrew's Episcopal School in Potomac, Maryland, according to The Daily Caller. The small school has class sizes that average between 11 to 15 students; the institution also has a $40k per year price tag.

2. Barron is fluent in a second language. 
Thanks to his Slovenian mom, he is fluent in both English and Slovene. 

3. For an 11-year-old boy, he is very neat and tidy. And forget having his own room — he resides on his own floor.
Like most elementary schoolers, Barron enjoys playing with "cars and helicopters," but he would never do anything crazy, like say, sleep on a bedspread covered with cars. "He likes clean and white," Melania told of Barron's favored aesthetic (which is apparently different than dad Trump's preference for all things gilded). That being said, Melania adds that Barron did like to draw on the walls when he was younger. "Since he has his own floor, he can [draw] those things on his living room and his own walls," she said.

4. Barron moisturizes with caviar. 
What, you don't? Melania told ABC News in 2013 that she applied Caviar Complex C6 to her young son each night after his bath. The moisturizer was part of Melania's short-lived skincare collection, which was briefly sold at QVC and Lord & Taylor.

5. His nickname is "mini Donald."  
Though there's already a Donald Trump Jr., Melania told ABC News in the same 2013 interview that she refers to the youngest Trump offspring as "mini Donald" nonetheless. 

6. Barron is "not a sweatpants child."
In her interview with, Melania noted that her little one doesn't mind dressing in a suit everyday. Good news for the Donald J. Trump Collection suit business?