All 65 best foreign-language film submissions


Albania: "Alive!"
Artan Minarolli
After returning home for his father's funeral, Koli -- a college student yearning for a modern life -- is held responsible for a murder his grandfather committed 60 years prior.

Argentina: "The Secret of Her Eyes"
Juan Jose Campanella
While writing a book on the unsolved rape and murder of a young newlywed 30 years ago, a retired criminal investigator unearths surprising new clues in the case.

Armenia:"Autumn of the Magician"
Rouben Kevorkov and Vaheh Kevorkov
The life of Italian screenwriter Tonino Guerra is examined in documentary form as he discusses his philosophies, experiences in the movie business and deep love of Armenia.

Australia: "Samson and Delilah"
Warwick Thornton
Considered outcasts in their remote Aboriginal community in Central Australia, a young couple takes off on a road trip in search of a better life.

Austria: "For a Moment, Freedom"
Arash T. Riahi
Forced to flee their native country, six Iranian refugees seeking to immigrate to various countries bond together while receiving asylum in Turkey.

Bangladesh: "Beyond the Circle"
Golam Rabbany Biplob
Haripada, an elderly villager from Bangladesh, gets a taste of the big city when a reporter convinces him to travel to Dhaka, where his flute skills receive unexpected interest.

Belgium: "The Misfortunates"
Felix van Groeningen
Now a grown man, Gunther revisits his childhood days among a rowdy clan of out-of-control family members and their endless, beer-strewn misadventures.

Bolivia: "Southern District"
Juan Carlos Valdivia
Amid a backdrop of economic and social upheaval, an upper-class Bolivian family must face the reality of their dwindling status.

Bosnia & Hersegovina: "Nightguards"
Namik Kabil
Night guards at a furniture showroom pass the time during shifts by pretending they're pregnant (complete with vomiting) and dealing with an insomniac neighbor who continuously triggers the alarm.

Brazil: "Time of Fear"
Sergio Rezende
When her son is arrested at an unruly demonstration, a widowed mother goes to work for a criminal organization in an attempt to free him.

Bulgaria:"The World Is Big and Salvation Lurks Around the Corner"
Stephan Komandarev
Suffering from amnesia as a result of a car crash, Alex agrees to take a tandem bicycle ride through Europe with his grandfather, hoping it will jar his memory.

Canada: "I Killed My Mother"
Xavier Dolan
Hubert, a gay teenager, is forever at odds with his mother. Their volatile relationship unravels to expose a deep-seated codependence.

Chile: "Dawson Isla 10"
Miguel Littin
Following the end of the socialist regime in 1970s Chile, political prisoners attempt to survive the torture and inhumane conditions they face at Dawson Island.

China: "Forever Enthralled"
Chen Kaige
This biopic chronicles the life of Mei Lanfang, China's greatest opera performer, from his childhood days to his rise to fame in Asia and eventual success worldwide.

Columbia:"The Wind Journeys"
Ciro Guerra
Ignacio embarks on a trip to the northern region of Colombia to return what he believes is a cursed accordion to its original owner.

Croatia: "Donkey"
Antonio Nuic
In Sarajevo's tumultuous summer 1995, Boro returns to his birth town of Drinovci in Herzegovina to face a family he has not seen in seven years.

Cuba: "Fallen Gods"
Ernesto Daranas
For his thesis, a professor sets out to explore the values espoused by infamous Cuban pimp Alberto Yarini at the turn of the 20th century.

Czech Republic: "Protector"
Marek Najbrt
In an effort to shield his Jewish wife during the second world war, a Czech journalist agrees to work at a radio station in Prague that transmits Nazi propaganda.

Denmark: "Terribly Happy"
Henrik Ruben Genz
A Copenhagen police officer lands in the small town of Skarrild after having a nervous breakdown and quickly learns it suffers from the same big-city problems.

Estonia: "December Heat"
Asko Kase
In 1924, the new republic of Estonia is besieged by a Communist coup, and former soldier Tanel must re-enlist to ensure the safety of his wife, Anna.

Finland: "Letters to Father Jacob"
Klaus Haro
Leila, recently pardoned for murder, gets a second chance at life when she goes to work as a blind pastor's assistant.

France: "A Prophet"
Jacques Audiard
Arab Malik, an 18-year-old inmate, decides to start his own criminal enterprise after working his way up the prison hierarchy ruled by the Corsican Mafia.

Georgia: "The Other Bank"
George Ovashvili
Leaving his father behind in the war-town region of Abkhazia, 12-year-old Tedo and his mother find a new set of hardships in the Georgian capital of Tbilisi.

Germany: "The White Ribbon"
Michael Haneke
Villagers in a remote town in northern 1913 Germany try to figure out who is responsible for a series of criminal pranks and the motivation behind them.

Greece: "Slaves in Their Bonds"
Tony Lykouressis
Evlalia must marry a doctor instead of the man she loves to save her aristocratic family from economic disaster.

Hong Kong: "Prince of Tears"
Sisters Zhou and Li are shocked when their father, a war pilot, and mother are thrown in a Taiwanese jail on charges of espionage.

Hungary: "Chameleon"
Krisztina Goda
A con-man's commitment to a life of charming women out of their life savings is threatened when he falls in love with his latest victim.

Iceland: "Reykjavik-Rotterdam"
Oskar Jonasson
A former booze smuggler-turned-security guard fights the temptation to take part in one last heist to support his struggling family.

India: "Harishchandrachi Factory"
Paresh Mokashi
Novice filmmaker Dadasaheb Phalke ignites the advent of Indian cinema by directing the country's first feature-length film, 1913's "Raja Harishchandra."

Indonesia: "Jamila and the President"
Ratna Sarumpaet
Convicted of murdering a top-ranking minister and given the death penalty, Jamila -- a prostitute -- refuses to be represented by an attorney, choosing instead to serve out her given sentence.

Iran: "About Elly"
Asghar Farhadi
Newly divorced Ahmad agrees to join friends vacationing at the Caspian Sea. When one of their travel mates disappears, the trip turns into a search mission.

Israel: "Ajami"
Scandar Copti and Yaron Shani
Living just outside the Israeli/Palestinian conflict, 13-year-old Nasri is forced to sell drugs as part of the arrangement set after his uncle injures a local crime boss.

Italy: "Baaria"
Giuseppe Tornatore
Three generations of a Sicilian family experience the ups and downs of village life during the course of five decades.

Japan: "Nobody to Watch Over Me"
Ryoichi Kimizuka
A cop assigned to protect a teenage girl whose brother has been arrested for murder finds the job to be harder than anticipated.

Kazakhstan: "Kelin"
Ermek Tursunov
Persuaded by her father to marry a man more well off than her true love, Kelin is left to deal with the consequences of her choice.

Korea: "Mother"
Joon-ho Bong
After her mentally challenged son is charged with a murder he did not commit, Saori Funamura resolves to find the true killer.

Lithuania: "Vortex"
Gytis Luksas
On his path to adulthood, a young man deals with a number of hurdles, including the death of his best friend.

Luxembourg: "Draft Dodgers"
Nicolas Steil
Will Fracois, a 21-year-old student, follow his fascist father's orders and attend German university or listen to his own instincts and hide out until the war's end?

Macedonia: "Wingless"
Ivo Trajkov
When his wife and son leave him on the eve of his 29th birthday, Josef starts to believe the prophecy told at his birth that he will not live to see his 30th.

Mexico: "Backyard"
Carlos Carrera
An investigation into the murders of the women in Mexico's border town Ciudad Juarez uncovers the region's clash of politics and drugs.

Morroco: "Casanegra"
Nour-Eddine Lakhmari
Friends and fellow hustlers Adil and Karim are determined to escape their bleak surroundings in the slums of Casablanca by any means necessary.

The Netherlands: "Winter in Wartime"
Martin Koolhoven
When 13-year-old Michiel joins the Dutch resistance at the tail end of World War II, he is confronted by the dark realities of battle.

Norway: "Max Manus"
Joachim Roennig and Espen Sandberg
The life story of Max Manus, who joined the Norwegian resistance during World War II, explains how he became one of the country's greatest war heroes.

Peru: "The Milk of Sorrow"
Claudia Llosa
Contracting Milk of Sorrow -- an affliction that women who have been raped suffer from -- through her mother's breast milk, Fausta fights to escape the effects of the fear-inducing disease.

Phillippines: "Grandpa is Dead"
Soxie Topacio
When five siblings come together to deal with the death of their father, their methods of honoring him lend insight to the traditions and superstitions of the Filipino culture.

Poland: "Reverse"
Borys Lankosz
Sabrina is 30 and unmarried, which doesn't sit well with her mother or grandmother. But once she falls for the charming Bronislaw, a host of problems arise for them all.

Portugal: "Doomed Love"
Mario Barroso
Simao enjoys being an out-of-control teen and causing strife in the lives of his affluent family -- until he meets Teresa, who makes him re-evaluate his behavior.

Puerto Rico:"Kabo and Platon"
Edmundo H. Rodriguez
Best friends and aspiring rap stars Kabo and Platon come to understand that the newfound interest in their musical abilities may come at too high a price.

Romania: "Police, Adjective"
Corneliu Porumboiu
An undercover cop refuses to arrest a teen suspected of selling drugs, which places him in a bad situation with his boss.

Russia: "Ward No. 6"
Karen Shakhnazarov
Based on a story by famed Russian author Anton Chekhov, Dr. Ragin, the head of a mental hospital, is committed as a patient at his own facility.

Serbia: "St. George Shoots the Dragon"
Srdjan Dragojevic
Upon leaving for war and hearing that the invalid veterans of their village are harassing their sisters and wives, a contingent of soldiers makes sure they are also summoned to the frontlines.

Slovakia: "Broken Promise"
Jiri Chlumsky
Martin, a rising soccer star on an all-Jewish team, must abandon his career aspirations and figure out how to survive the Nazi occupation.

Slovenia: "Landscape No. 2"
Vinko Moderndorfer
Career criminal Sergej steals a painting from a Slovenian general not knowing that it holds incriminating paperwork and will place him in insurmountable danger.

South Africa: "White Wedding"
Jann Turner
Elvis and his best man, Tumi, are trying to get to Cape Town for Elvis' nuptials, but the journey is interrupted by a long line of unplanned circumstances.

Spain: "The Dancer and the Thief"
Fernando Trueba
Released from prison, safecracker Vergara plans to walk the straight and narrow and settle down with his family, but friend and ex-con Angel has different plans for him.

Sri Lanka: "The Road From Elephant Pass"
Chandran Rutnam
An Army soldier dispatched to pick up a female informant is forced to bond with the woman he butts heads with once the territory is attacked by the opposition.

Ruben Ostlund
Three people striving for acceptance act out and learn that the consequences for their behavior may result in the opposite outcome of what they were looking for.

Ursula Meier
Michel and Marthe witness the adverse effects that the construction of a long-unused highway next to their home has on their family members.

Taiwan: "Not Without You"
Leon Dai
Li, a down-and-out drifter, battles to reclaim his beloved daughter, Mei, after authorities opposed to his vagrant lifestyle take her away.

Thailand: "Best of Times"
Youngyoot Thongkongtoon
Two couples strive to make new romances work but find it difficult when former flames still have a grasp of their hearts.

Turkey: "I Saw the Sun"
Mahsun Kirmizigul
The Altun family, uprooted from their Turkish village and forced by the government to settle in Istanbul, struggle to acclimate to their new locale.

United Kingdom: "Afghan Star"
Havana Marking
Four performers competing in "Pop Idol" travel to Kabul for the singing finals, showcasing the allure of pop culture in Afghanistan.

Uruguay:"Bad Day for Fishing"
Alvaro Brechner
Orsini and his manager travel South America putting on wrestling competitions, but the validity of their matches is questioned when they hit Santa Maria.

Venezuela: "Libertador, Morales El Justiciero"
Efterpi Charalambidis
When he's not shuttling customers as a motorcycle taxi driver, Libertador turns into alter ego El Justiciero, a crime-fighting hero who guards the streets of Caracas.

Vietnam: "Don't Burn It"
Dang Nhat Minh
The life of Dang Thuy Tram, a medical officer during the Vietnam war, plays out in the pages of the diary she kept while in the service.