7 Makeup Artists to Follow for Mesmerizing Halloween Beauty Videos

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Courtesy of Instagram

Can't. Stop. Watching.

Despite the anti-blue-light rhetoric touted by health care professionals regarding insomnia, sleeping habits and poor quality of slumber, it's many an Instagram fiend's bedtime ritual to end the day by scrolling through mesmerizing videos — from calligraphy to cake decorating to fast-motion sketching.

The latest guilty-pleasure Instagram videos? Halloween makeup tutorials.

Though we have no desire to have a paintbrush anywhere near our own faces, there's something almost hypnotic about watching professionals complete their transformations in fast motion onscreen, all in under 60 seconds.

For your viewing pleasure, we've rounded up the best makeup artists to follow for binge-watching the #31DaysOfHalloween videos. Enjoy.

Anna Lingis: @annalingis


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Olivia Engelsman: @olivia_jane_


A video posted by Olivia Engelsman (@olivia_jane_) on

Melvin Lozada: @melvinjr_sfx


A video posted by Melvin Lozada (@melvinjr_sfx) on

Jade Deacon: @jadedeacon


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Zach Zenga: @zachzenga


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Kat: @luvekat


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Kristin Crabtree: @kcrab__


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