7 Things the Golden Globes Acceptance Speeches Taught Us About Love

Amy Adams Onstage Golden Globes - H 2015
Paul Drinkwater/NBC

Amy Adams Onstage Golden Globes - H 2015

Things got cheesy in the Pret-a-Reporter war room on Sunday night, as love was in the air at the Globes and we took major notice

Sunday's Golden Globes were nothing earth shattering. There was the usual barrage of pretty dresses, Tina and Amy chuckles and requisite political statements being made. But what stood out most for us as we watched the ceremony were the acceptance speeches. They were warm and touching and actually felt genuine in conveying the gratitude that the particular award recipients got to put on priceless jewelry, stand in front of millions of people and be honored for their craft in part because of someone else's love and support.

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Maybe it's because the holidays just ended and Globes winners are still coming down from family fruitcake time, or maybe the world is just a little bit softer after the horror in Paris last week. But whatever the reason, love seemed to be in the air at the Beverly Hilton on Sunday, with stars recognizing what we all should at all times — none of the glitz means much without the right people to eat takeout with and complain to afterward.

As George Clooney said backstage after accepting his Cecil B. DeMille Award, "You think about what you're gonna say to your wife in front of 300 million people ahead of time or you're really stupid."

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On that note, here are seven things we learned about love from some of our favorite acceptance speeches (don't judge our cheese — we are still very much on family fruitcake time and likely will be until spring).

1. Walk at the same pace

"I get to stand here tonight with a man that stands beside me, Darren," said Amy Adams after her Big Eyes win to longtime fiance Darren Le Gallo. Better to stand side by side with someone then to feel like you constantly have to play catch-up or slow your roll.

2. Make no apologies for being yourself

"To my husband, who is a lover of complicated women, obviously," a jubilant Maggie Gyllenhaal said while accepting her award for best actress in a miniseries or TV movie for her role in The Honorable Woman. We don't know Maggie (though we could totally see ourselves being best friends if we did), so we can only assume that she is the kind of woman who tells her husband what she needs, isn't afraid to voice her opinions and considers the fact that she's "complicated" one of her most treasured traits. Because of that she ended up with a husband who agrees.

3. Uh, don't have affairs?

"I want to thank my husband, Jay Carson. If I have learned anything about writing a show about an affair it is how valuable and essential and sacred our marriages are," is the wisdom imparted by Sarah Treem, co-creator of The Affair, while accepting her Globe for best TV series, drama. We recently had lunch with a girlfriend who explained how she could be sure that her boyfriend would never cheat: because he was the kind of man who would be honest and break up with her if he ever didn't want to be there, long before he would every intentionally lie and cause pain. That's a good lesson, too.

4. Prioritize the things that matter

"Thank you to my wonderful wife, I love you," said J.K. Simmons while picking up a gold statuette for his role in Whiplash. "Thank you for all the things that are truly most important in my life, including our adorable, above-average children." Next time you have the chance to spend a random weekday with someone you care about, ask yourself if your cubicle or that person will be what you remember in 10 years. Prioritization comes pretty easy at that point.

5. Balance, balance and balance some more

"My mother always told me that a happy person was someone who had work and love. And I want to thank [co-directors] Rich [Glatzer] and Wash [Westmoreland] for the opportunity to work. And I want to thank [husband] Bart and [children] Cal and Liv for all that love." While accepting her best drama actress award, Julianne Moore nailed the art of the balance we should all be much better about ensuring we achieve.

6. Be with someone who wants to give you sun, but don't be disappointed when it rains

Eddie Redmayne, who snagged a best actor award for his portrayal of Stephen Hawking in The Theory of Everything, gave us the most wondrous metaphor without even trying: "And Hannah, my wife of about, a couple of weeks ago. We had to cut our honeymoon short to come to Los Angeles. I promised her the sunshine — it wasn't so great today. But I thank you." Interpret at will.

7. Patience and cheerleading are two very good things

George Clooney won the Globes in our book — from making his red-carpet debut with new wife Amal to receiving a lifetime achievement award to wearing the same Armani tux he wore to his wedding, the man could do no wrong at the Beverly Hilton on Sunday night. So it's only fitting that his acceptance speech made us die, too.

"It's a humbling thing when you find someone to love, even better when you've been waiting your whole life. Amal, whatever alchemy brought us together — I couldn't be prouder to be your husband."

There are many lessons to be gleaned from George and Amal — first one being, trust that you will indeed find and get the things you want eventually (even if you have to date a lot of former lady wrestlers and models who have been implicated in sex and drug scandals along the way). Second, be with someone who makes you proud — and vice versa. It feels really good to be in awe of someone you love. And vice versa.