70% of U.K. homes have digital TV


LONDON -- U.K. media watchdog Ofcom said Wednesday that more than 70% of the U.K.'s 25 million television households had digital TV at the end of June 2006, driven by continued growth from free-to-air digital platform Freeview, which accounted for 1.2 million sales between April and June of this year. Satcaster BSkyB is now in 33.4% of U.K. homes, a jump of 168,000 subscriber homes in the second quarter, while cable group NTL added 50,000 subscribers to reach a total of 3.3 million. The large majority of Freeview acquisitions are for secondary TV sets in homes that already have digital television from either Sky, cable or Freeview on their main set, the report found. Secondary digital sets more than doubled from 3.5 million to 7.2 million in the year to the end of June.