70-Year-Old Man Admits to Blackmailing 'The Voice' Creator

John de Mol
Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

The Dutch mogul launched "The Voice of Holland," which quickly became the country's most successful talent show ever.

Dutch police have arrested the senior citizen, who is accused of sending extortion letters to television magnate John de Mol

Police in the Netherlands have arrested a 70-year-old man on suspicion of blackmail in connection to an extortion case involving TV mogul John de Mol, creator of The Voice and Big Brother.

Dutch police said the unnamed man had admitted to sending letters to De Mol, threatening to harm his family, including celebrity sister Linda de Mol, if he wasn't paid off.

Police said the man confessed after his DNA matched a sample taken from one of the letters. Police arrested the man, who comes from the Dutch town of Zeist, earlier this week. It is unclear if the man has any connection to the De Mol family or to John de Mol's company Talpa, which produces The Voice.

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