79 employees axed at House Of Blues


NASHVILLE -- Sources say a total of 79 people were cut loose on from House Of Blues on Friday in the wake of the promoter's acquisition by Live Nation.

Overall the total employee reduction is probably closer to 100. Since the time the acquisition was announced last summer -- Live Nation acquired HOB for $350 million -- some employees decided to exit the company and others opted to resign on Friday.

Among those gone are former HOB Entertainment CEO Greg Trojan (reportedly under favorable conditions via his contract), and COO Dolf Berle. Talent buyers Dave Hart, Chris Moore, and Paolo Palazzo were let go, as was Clay Schell, GM of Atlanta's HiFi Buys Amphitheatre.

Still on board are executive VPs Alex Hodges and Kevin Morrow. Among the heaviest cuts came from HOB's marketing department, including Liz Smith, Ingrid Gund and Jack Gannon. Also hit hard were the development team (including John Vanzebroeck), and the digital/interactive, creative services, sponsorships, accounting and box office departments.

News of the cuts and who would be let go started on the East Coast Friday morning and moved West. So far, Canada has been spared the purge.