8 Decades of The Hollywood Reporter

David Strick

The Hollywood Reporter began anew one year ago

Before Nov. 3, 2010, beating up on The Hollywood Reporter was media sport. One blogger claimed "exclusively" -- for years -- that THR was folding. The New York Times said the paper had "been dying a slow death for a decade." On the eve of its 80th anniversary, THR had become a punching bag.

When it was announced that a revamped, magazine-style THR would emerge, skeptics were rampant. But after it debuted one year ago -- with awards-hopeful actresses Amy Adams, Nicole Kidman, Hilary Swank, Natalie Portman, Helena Bonham Carter and Annette Bening on the cover as part of our Roundtable Series -- expectations not only were exceeded, they were, for many, blown away.

In a recent letter to the editor, Laugh-In legend George Schlatter wrote, "The paper, the print, the artwork and the information are way beyond what any of us ever thought we would see delivered to our door each week," adding, "It is a classy and credible piece of literature … with everything we need to know about everybody we need to know about."

The launch issue included a column by attorney Kenneth Ziffren, a 4,000-word piece on Marvel, a look at the secrets of Soho House and an analysis of the Venice housing market. That sort of 360-degree view of the entertainment business continues thanks to a devoted, talented and expanding staff. In the new issue of Elle, Jeffrey Katzenberg said THR delivers an "exciting, fun and unique snapshot of the entertainment landscape. … There are few things I look forward to reading more than The Reporter."

And there are few things we enjoy more than creating it. Thanks for being a part of it.