8 Decades of The Hollywood Reporter

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The most glamorous and memorable moments from a storied history.

When The Hollywood Reporter reviewed 1987's No Way Out, it praised Sean Young's portrayal of an ultra-sexy "career wrecker" mistress killed by her Secretary of Defense lover when he learns she's sleeping with someone else. In recent years, Young, 52, has had a bit of a career wreck herself. The married mother of two has starred in low-budget films (Attack of the 50ft. Cheerleader is set to arrive this year), done a stint on Celebrity Rehab and on Feb. 26 was arrested on misdemeanor battery charges at the Oscars' Governors Ball when she didn't have a ticket and allegedly swatted a guard. But when No Way Out was released, Young, then 27, was a star with immense promise. She had turned heads in 1982's Blade Runner and would play Michael Douglas' wife in Wall Street and later co-star in 1988's The Boost with James Woods, with whom Young had a relationship that spawned litigation and an enduring urban myth involving Krazy Glue and the male sexual organ. No Way Out director Roger Donaldson says he's "a big Sean Young fan" and that she won the part in unusual fashion. "She came to the audition and said, 'I haven't learned the lines.' I was, like, 'OK, so what are we going to do now?' " he says. "She said she'd written a page from the character's diary and would like to read that. It was as though the character was keeping a diary, and these were her inner thoughts. It was incredibly good." Donaldson adds that Young is "a bit of risk-taker. She's not scared of anybody or any situation. She was exactly what I was looking for."


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