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A decade later, Brooke dropped Teri as her manager because of her mom's struggles with alcohol. Said Brooke: "I needed to grab the reins and make my own mistakes."

The most glamorous and memorable moments from a storied history.

Teri Shields, who died Oct. 31 at 79 from illnesses related to dementia, once said that when her daughter, Brooke, was born in 1965 in New York City, she "looked like a beautiful doll. I couldn't believe she was mine." And that baby went straight to work: At 11 months, Brooke was doing an Ivory soap ad. At 14, she was the youngest model ever to appear on Vogue's cover. At 15, her modeling day rate was $10,000. Along the way, her mother -- a former model herself -- took a heap of flak for allowing the 11-year-old to be cast as a brothel-living child who is auctioned to the highest bidder in 1978's Pretty Baby and a few years later permitting her to star in provocative commercials for Calvin Klein jeans. But what Brooke recalls is her mother as a protector. "I never missed school to go to work," says the Princeton grad, now 47. "If someone called and said, 'She's got a Vogue cover at 10 a.m.,' Mom would say, 'Great, see you at 3.' The bubble she created around me was the biggest blessing she could have given me."