8 Oscars, 24 Nominations: The Coppola Family Tree

Sofia and Roman Coppola - P 2013
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Sofia and Roman Coppola - P 2013

The core family has eight Oscars and 24 nominations, while its extended members encompass even more awards and an extraordinary influence in the arts.

This story first appeared in the March 1 issue of The Hollywood Reporter magazine.

How many folks can say their grandfather, father, sister, cousin and uncle have won Oscars and their aunt and cousin have been nominated? Roman Coppola can, and now he's nominated for his own Academy Award for best original screenplay (with Wes Anderson) for Moonrise Kingdom.

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This latest in a long line of Coppola kudos -- they and the Hustons are the only families with Oscars over three generations -- prompted THR to follow a lineage that has its roots in Italy, runs through New York, Napa and Hollywood and has wound its way through film, fashion, music, radio and academia.

"With our family, I always say it's not six degrees of separation, it's like three," says cinematographer John Schwartzman, an Oscar nominee for Seabiscuit. "We could form a studio. We certainly have enough people."

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