8 Things We Learned About Kim Kardashian's Beauty Routine

Surprise: Kim "genuinely" loves makeup.

In an interview with beauty blog Into the Gloss, she-of-the-perfectly-contoured-cheek-bones, Kim Kardashian, divulged the coveted secrets of looking so flawless in all those selfies. According to the reality star, all you need for looking worthy of the Kardashian Klan Khristmas Kard are a few oils and creams (rose-scented, preferably), an at-home LED laser light therapy machine, designer makeup and, not to be overlooked, a devoted hair squad (for that five-day mane-maintenance routine, obviously). 

In addition to learning that Kim has expensive taste when it comes to her products of choice (Guerlain face cream for $455, anyone?), she also revealed quite a bit about herself during the interview. Below are our favorite words of wisdom from Kim K herself.

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1. Kim feels blessed about her beauty routine: "I have so many friends who don't wear makeup and hardly ever do their hair. I feel really blessed that I genuinely love the process of getting my hair and makeup done." Us too, Kim. 

2. On finally allowing a brow specialist to touch here eyebrows: "It changed my life — my whole face looked different." 

3. Her dermatologist, Dr. Harold Lancer, isn't afraid to say it like it is: "He always tells me if I'm acting crazy when I'm like, 'What laser has come out?' [Laughs]." Oh, Harold.

4. Kim's reasoning for her purchase of an at-home LED light therapy machine (Quasar MD Plus, $795): "I'll try anything." 

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5. She attended beauty school: "My dad got me makeup classes for Christmas when I was like 14 at some Joe Blasco makeup school." 

6. Kim's prefers her sunscreen to be "really thick and not white."

7. On her five-day hair routine: It's "a little excessive, maybe. [Laughs]."

8. At the end of the day, Kim uses makeup wipes to remove her makeup: "I find that I really can't take my makeup off without it." Stars, they're just like us!