8 Topics Ricky Gervais Likely Can't Wait to Sink His Teeth Into

Jason Merritt/Getty Images

The HFPA should brace itself for a flurry of uncomfortable moments at this year's Globes as many new stories are primed for Gervais' pounce.

Kim Kardashian's 72-day marriage: Yes, it's an obvious choice, but so were Gervais' jabs at Mel Gibson last year.

Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore's breakup: This will be especially delicious for Gervais if Two and a Half Men scores a nomination and Kutcher has to attend the show.

Eddie Murphy walks out from the Oscars: The possibilities are endless for Gervais to riff on another awards-show host controversy.

Herman Cain's alleged history of sexual harassment: Sure, this may be dulled to a roar by January, but the presidential hopeful is an easy target, and he won't be in the room.

The Penn State child abuse scandal: Gervais has already joked about having pedophile material, so consider nothing off-limits.

J. Edgar's gay overtones: If Clint Eastwood's drama gets a nomination for best picture, the not-usually-lighthearted Leonardo DiCaprio better get his game face ready for some awkward close-ups.

The Iron Lady controversy: The Brit will no doubt have colorful jabs for star Meryl Streep's take on England's former prime minister.

The HFPA's payola lawsuit: Gervais joked last year about bribes at the Globes. Imagine what he'll have to say now that a former publicist is suing the HFPA claiming as such?