80 Years of The Hollywood Reporter

Paul Schutzer/Time & Life Pictures/Getty Images

The most glamorous and memorable moments from a storied history.

In 1962, two young, radiant American stars captivated Cannes. Warren Beatty, then 25, and Natalie Wood, 23, were dating at the time. She was coming off an Oscar nomination for Splendor in the Grass; he'd recently received a most promising newcomer award at the Golden Globes and was a half-decade from making the game-changing Bonnie and Clyde. The couple fueled paparazzi frenzy. In town to promote All Fall Down, the John Frankenheimer drama that was in competition, Beatty found it "curious" to be the focus of that much attention. "There was something fictional about it," Beatty says today. "I didn't punch anybody, but I was not comfortable. Over the years, I learned to see it as part of a puzzle." The cameras might have captured the glamour of the moment, but Beatty recalls being jet-lagged and falling asleep during the All Fall Down screening then being awakened by "a large group of photographers five feet away." According to The Hollywood Reporter, the biggest job at Cannes for the Russian-speaking Wood was thawing Cold War tensions. "No greater step for U.S.S.R. film cooperation was ever made by diplomats or film statesmen than that made by Natalie Wood," it said about her appearance at a Russian party. Beatty recalls the Russians having little interest in the "Freudian" themes of American films and being "more interested in dialectical materialism and the evils of capitalism."