80 Years of The Hollywood Reporter

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The most glamorous and memorable moments from a storied history.

To say The Hollywood Reporter gave the original Planet of the Apes a good review would be like saying American Idol has received good ratings. John Mahoney's rave on the 1968 G-rated film began, "By its appeal to both the imagination and the intellect within a context of action and elemental adventure … Planet of the Apes is that rare film which will transcend all age and social groupings." The Fox movie, which was based on a French sci-fi novel, went on to spawn six sequels, prequels or remakes and was the year's seventh-highest-grossing film. Since so much rode upon audiences accepting humans made up as apes, Fox president Richard Zanuck OK'd production only after doing $50,000 in tests. The film went on to have what was then the highest makeup budget in Hollywood history -- more than $1 million. When it came time for the Oscars, Planet's lone statuette went to John Chambers, who received an honorary Oscar for special makeup design. Walter Matthau, who was holding a tuxedo-wearing chimpanzee, presented it.