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At the 1957 Golden Globes, Elizabeth Taylor (with her award for “consistent performance”), producer Michael Todd and Debbie Reynolds made a happy trio.

The most glamorous and memorable moments from a storied history.

In 1957, 29-year-old Eddie Fisher was at the height of his singing career — and destined to garner scandal-making headlines with Elizabeth Taylor and Debbie Reynolds. But they were all smiles together at the Golden Globes that year. Fisher was then married to Reynolds, America’s sweetheart. His best friend was Michael Todd, the era’s most flamboyantly successful producer and a best picture Globe winner for Around the World in 80 Days. Within weeks, Todd married Elizabeth Taylor — who was, well, Elizabeth Taylor — with Fisher as best man and Reynolds a bridesmaid. Three weeks after the 1958 Globes, Todd died when his plane Lucky Liz crashed. Not long after, Fisher dumped Reynolds (bad career move when you do that to America’s sweetheart). As a weary-sounding Reynolds told THR’s Rambling Reporter columnist before signing her divorce papers, “After tomorrow, the three of us will no longer be bound together in any way.” In May 1959, Fisher and Taylor tied the knot in Las Vegas, a few hours after the divorce was finalized. In his autobiography, he seems not too upset when she left him for Richard Burton five years later.