That $900 Goop Loofah Is Not for Real

Loofah_Screengrab - Screengrab - H 2018

Sorry, Twitter.

Twitter users alighted on Friday with screenshots of a new product on Gwyneth Paltrow's lifestyle platform Goop: a $900 loofah that promises to make dreams come true.

"Why is this loofah $900, Gwyneth?" one user asked of the "Manifestation Loofah" (Goop's website directs users to "Whisper your hopes and dreams into the sponge’s aspiration crevice, sit back, relax, and watch all your hopes and dreams come true.")

"OK, this is by far the best argument for Satanism I've ever seen. Good for you, Gwyneth," another said.

While users had a right to be skeptical — Goop, after all, is known for selling $66 jade eggs for sexual pleasure and $120 stickers to rebalance one's "energy frequency" — the $900 loofah isn't for real: The product is actually a joke collaboration between Paltrow and comedian Stephen Colbert.

When Paltrow appeared on Thursday's Late Show, Colbert announced that Goop's success had inspired him to launch his own celebrity line, "Covetton House," where, Colbert joked, "each product is lovingly handcrafted to accept your credit card." Colbert said that he would he would be launching a collaboration with Goop at the brand's upcoming "Wellness Summit" in New York City called "Covoopetton."

On Goop's website, other "Goop x Covetton House" products include the $900 "Insight Wedge," a "hand-harvested artisanal tree sliver [that] keeps all those metaphorical doors wide open."

Despite the obviously over-the-top descriptions (and an explanation that the line is crossing over with a Stephen Colbert line on the collaboration's homepage), according to a Goop spokesperson, there appears to be demand for the $900 joke loofah: "People have actually been signing up on the waitlist to get notified when it's back in stock," she said. 

Watch Paltrow's full appearance on the Late Show below.