'90210' is officially a go at CW

Tyra Banks project also gets pickup

It's official -- the CW on Sunday picked up the "Beverly Hills, 90210" spinoff to series.

The network also renewed comedy "The Game" and went for a full night of Tyra Banks/Ken Mok fashion-themed reality shows with the pickup of "Stylista."

"90210," from CBS Par, centers on a three generational Beverly Hills family. Original cast member Jennie Garth has signed on to recur, reprising her role as Kelly Taylor from the original series who now will be a guiding counselor at her alma mater, West Beverly Hills High.

Gabe Sachs and Jeff Judah, who rewrote the pilot script and are exec producing the pilot, are staying on as showrunners.

"Stylista," described as a reality version of "The Devil Wears Prada," features eleven aspiring fashion enthusiasts who are vying for a much-coveted editorial job with Elle magazine.

The project, which appears Wednesday-bound as a companion piece to Banks and Mok's "America's Next Top Model," was originally greenlighted in January.

The contestants will work as assistants to Elle's fashion news director, Anne Slowey, carrying out an assistant task and a fashion editorial assignment in each episode.

Like on "The Apprentice," each week, in consultation with Elle's creative director, Joe Zee, Anne fires one person, until the last assistant standing gets "promoted" to the real-life job opportunity.

The grand prize includes a paid editorial position at Elle magazine, a paid lease on an apartment in Manhattan, and a clothing allowance at H&M, all for one year, valued at $100,000.

"Stylista" hails from 10 by 10 Entertainment and Bankable in association with Magic Molehill Prods. and Warner Horizon TV.

Tyra Banks, Ken Mok, Eli Holzman, Desiree Gruber and Jane Cha are the exec producers.

The CW also has picked up "How to Teach Filthy Rich Girls."