911 tape details West's death


Two women tried frantically to revive Kanye West's mother after she apparently suffered a heart attack and stopped breathing, according to emergency 911 recordings released Monday.

An unidentified woman tells a male emergency dispatcher during the Nov. 10 call that Donda West recently had surgery.

West had a "heart attack. ... She's not breathing and she's not moving and I'm trying to do CPR," says the woman. "..... She complained she couldn't breathe. ... She's cold and clammy."

"Is she breathing?" the dispatcher asks.

"No, she's not ... she threw up ... and we're trying to do CPR on her."

"So she's not breathing at all?"

"She's not responding."

"But I want to know if she's breathing ... is she breathing at all?"

"She's cold and clammy."

"OK, ma'am, is she breathing?"

"No ... "

Later, another unidentified woman in the background is heard yelling, "Donda West, please wake up! ... Come on!"

During the commotion, someone begins hyperventilating loudly.

"Ma'am, is that person breathing? Who is doing the noise?" the dispatcher asks. "I can't hear what you're saying ... Your phone's cutting out. Is the person breathing?"

"No, she's not," the woman says.

"OK, is anybody doing anything for her?"

"We gave her CPR."

"Are you doing it? .... Does anybody know how? That's what I already asked you."

As the two woman converse, the emergency dispatcher appears to grow frustrated.

"Ma'am, let me tell you how to do this. You need to listen. You're not listening to what I'm telling you. You're not helping the person at all. ... Have the other people be quiet so I can tell you what to do."

The dispatcher then instructs the woman in CPR, telling her to clear West's mouth and administer breaths. The women attempt to resuscitate West, but she doesn't respond.

Soon after, paramedics arrive and the dispatcher hangs up.

West, 58, was rushed to a hospital where she was pronounced dead on Nov. 10, the day after she underwent breast reduction, tummy tuck and liposuction procedures.