'9/11: Ten Years Later' CBS Preview Hits Web (Video)


The follow-up from filmmakers Jules and Gedeon Naudet, narrated by Robert DeNiro, airs Sunday night.

CBS is releasing preview videos from its anticipated documentary 9/11: Ten Years Later, narrated by Robert De Niro. It airs on Sunday at 8 p.m. ET.

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It's the follow-up to French filmmakers' Jules and Gedeon Naudet's 2002 documentary, which contains what is believed to be the only video footage from inside Ground Zero. On the day of the attacks, they were following around John Hanlo documenting the making of a NYC firefighter when their cameras caught the planes hitting the towers and Hanlo rushed to respond. De Niro also narrated the first film, which was watched by 35 million viewers.

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In one preview clip, De Niro's voice is layered on top of video from inside the towers: "9/11 is a part of me. It's made me who I am now."

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Robert Klug, CBS News director, speaks out about the documentary in another behind-the-scenes video posted on their site. Watch below.

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