A bigger house for motion capture firm


Motion capture services provider Vicon House of Moves has initiated a significant expansion that includes a build-out of a motion capture soundstage and hiring new staffers.

Motion capture — sometimes referred to as performance capture — is the technique of digitally recording the movements of human actors to be used by filmmakers to assist in the creation of character animation. House of Moves has worked on the three "Spider-Man" films at Sony, among others.

Los Angeles-based HOM's new soundproof motion capture soundstage was designed for full body and facial capture. It supports up to 20 performers at once and can be outfitted with up to 270 Vicon motion capture cameras. It's also capable of recording final audio simultaneous to performance capture. The expanded staff includes a team of 16 animators.

"We can replicate almost anything that can happen on a live-action stage — from the physical performance of the actors to the positioning of virtual cameras in real time," HOM's Scott Gagain said. (partialdiff)