A Birth Record Frame? A Friendship Bracelet? What Was In That Tiffany & Co. Box

Mark Wilson/Getty Images

The world wants to know.

Donald and Melania Trump didn't arrive empty handed as they pulled up to the White House on Friday morning. 

As the first lady-elect ascended the front steps clad in a powder blue Ralph Lauren coat, where President Barack Obama and Michelle Obama were waiting to greet their successors, Melania handed Michelle a medium-sized box in that telling shade of robin's egg blue that usually fills a woman with joy. She had been to Tiffany, just next door to her pad at Trump Tower.

A candid, split-second reaction from Michelle shows that the former FLOTUS was perhaps less than impressed.

But inquiring (nosy?) minds want to know, what could possibly be in that Tiffany & Co. box? For their part, the company declined to speculate. "The White House has been a patron of the house of Tiffany & Co. since Abraham Lincoln,” Nathan Strauss, the director of corporate communications, told the New York Times in an email. 

Is it a housewarming gift for their new D.C. digs? A chic accessory to wear for their Palm Springs, post-inauguration jaunt? Maybe a handwritten note on a Tiffany blue snowflake notecard that reads, "Lol, gotcha?"  

We perused the Tiffany catalog in search of the perfect medium-sized, relatively flat object that might be housed in that now-infamous box.

A friendship bracelet for Barack to wear next to his gift from Joe Biden:

You've got some competition, Joe. (Lol, just kidding.)

This fancy fish fork

You never know when you'll need a fancy fish fork.

This fan mail-ready letter opener

For the Obama thank you notes that keep on coming in.

This birth record frame for the birth certificate Trump finally admitted Obama has: 


This mini Tiffany Box: 

Because the box-in-box gift gag never gets old.

And, of course, social media wisecrackers had their own suggestions:

The world may never know.