A Brief History of Bare Boobs on 'The Bachelor'

THE BACHELOR S21E02 Still - Publicity - H 2017
Rick Rowell/ABC

Seriously, when did this become a thing?

On Monday night’s episode of The Bachelor, the bare boobs were a-flyin'. Four of them, to be exact.

During his first group date, Bachelor Nick Viall and the ladies posed for themed wedding portraits — one of which included "Adam and Eve"-inspired get-ups, worn by Nick and Brittany, featuring ivy-covered panties and nothing else.

But Corinne (oh, Corinne) refused to be out-boobed. During her “beach wedding”-themed shoot, the buxom blond “business owner” removed her bikini, replacing the white top with Nick’s hands, as one does. Several censor bars later, it was clear that Corinne's ta-tas were enjoying the fresh Los Angeles air throughout the photo shoot. "Dad would be proud," said the 24-year-old of her, um, bold tactics. "Even though I was naked."

In 2017, unofficial year of feminism, women are taking every opportunity to own their sexuality by flaunting (or hiding) whatever makes them feel most empowered (See: Kim Kardashian's infamous nude Instagram photo). Celebs like Kardashian and Emily Ratajkowski are skirting the male gaze, which historically has governed the women-as-objects approach to nudity, by taking control of when, where and how their bodies are put forth to the public.

That being said, Corinne's booze-fueled unleashing of her assets felt like a cheap ploy to win the attention of her "love" interest — like dangling a shiny object in front of a child. On a show where contestants are supposed to be "looking for love," it was clear that Corinne simply was looking for a one-way ticket to The Bachelor's racier spinoff, Bachelor in Paradise, and all the Instagram endorsements that come with it. Considering Nick gave her a rose, however, maybe she really is the type of girl he's been looking for.

Regardless, the fact that two women already have gone topless as early on as episode two begs the question: When did nudity become the norm?

Boobs clearly are having a moment in fashion and pop culture alike, which may be the reason for the openness with which women (and some men) are letting it all hang out. In the age of body acceptance and body positivity, not to mention social media campaigns like #FreeTheNipple, nudity is no longer the limit.

In light of the censor bar's excessive screen time this week, we decided to take a look back at the brief history of topless (and sometimes bottomless) Bachelor and Bachelorette contestants.

The show has come a long way since the early days, when it was frowned upon to even kiss contestants before the third "date" (in episode one alone, Nick made out with at least two women), but nudity wasn't prominent until 2012, when contestant Courtney Robertson convinced (manipulated?) then-Bachelor Ben Flajnik to skinny-dip with her in Puerto Rico.

A couple years later, on Juan Pablo Galavis' season, "free spirit" contestant Lucy Aragon declared nudity as one of her hobbies and was regularly featured in the buff. The Venezuelan Bachelor's scandal-ridden season also featured a "naked" photo shoot (which, as it turns out, wasn't all that naked) and a steamy (and controversial, of course) skinny-dip moment with Clare Crawley.

Though most of Bachelor Chris Soules' season was a yawn, Ashley Iaconetti provided a bit of entertainment when she stripped during a lakeside group date.

On Bachelorette Kaitlyn Bristowe's groundbreaking season, the star played strip golf with her now-fiancee, Shawn Booth; however, her most controversial moment came when she and current Bachelor Viall had sex — before the Fantasy Suite date — while mics were still on.

Though they're certainly not the first, Corinne and Brittany may win the award for going topless earlier than any other contestant. The second-episode nudity certainly sets a record.