A Brief History of Donald Trump and Danny Zuker's Exhausting Twitter Feud

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Danny Zuker and Donald Trump

The "Celebrity Apprentice" host and the "Modern Family" ep and writer continue to snap at each other over topics spanning Chinese labor, ratings, President Obama's health plan and, this week, Sarah Palin.

Anyone who follows either Donald Trump or Modern Family executive producer Danny Zuker on Twitter has likely noticed an increasing overlap in their feeds over the last four months.

Trump, whose already daunting feud tally has exploded since he joined the site in 2009, first took notice of the comedy writer back in March. Having taken sporadic shots at the mogul for some time, Zuker finally drew Trump's attention with his mocking of The Celebrity Apprentice's waning ratings.

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"Talk about how you finished in 3rd place behind Family Guy rerun," Zuker wrote, retweeting Trump's announcement that he was appearing on Fox and Friends to discuss his show.

After a few more weekly numbers jabs, Trump finally responded: "I have never heard of you and was told you are a loser - after reading your credits I have no questions about it!" (Zuker's credits prior to Modern Family, it should be noted, include The Unusuals, Just Shoot Me!, Grace Under Fire and short-lived Pamela Anderson vehicle Stacked.)

Simple, 140-character character assassinations aside, the feud has touched on show cancelations, bankruptcy filings, President Obama's health plan and even Chinese labor. And between Zuker's nearly 206,000 followers and Trump's Twitter count now topping 2.26 million, there have been no shortage of witnesses. Any topic of no particular importance can set off Zuker's snark and the predictable response of "loser" from the notoriously irritable Trump.

This week it was Sarah Palin.

"I'll never write anything funnier than this," Zuker wrote on Wednesday after Trump announced, "Great to see @SarahPalinUSA back on Fox. A wonderful woman & commentator."

Trump's Zuker dismissal -- which, unlike Zuker's tweets to Trump, did not include the period in front of his handle to keep the response less public -- was a simple, "Loser Danny is obsessed with Trump."

Zuker and Trump appear to be at least a little obsessed with each other. Scroll down for some of their greatest hits.