A Cheat Sheet to L.A.'s Feeder School System

Wildwood School Exterior - Publicity - H 2017
Courtesy of Wildwood School

Hoping for a spot at Harvard-Westlake one day? Start looking at preschools now.

Campbell Hall (K-12)

Valley elementary Laurence sends more of its grads here than anywhere else. CEE recently has carved a path thanks not so much to a shared educational approach as to a Hollywood one: Bob Iger and Willow Bay are big donors to both. Children's Circle, Fountain Day and Montessori Shir-Hashirim are feeder preschools.

Crossroads (K-12)

The widest entry point is kindergarten, where preschoolers from Circle of Children, Crestwood Hills, First Presbyterian, Temple Isaiah and Wagon Wheel jockey for one of 52 spots. Or they go to Willows (K-8) first.

Harvard-Westlake (7-12)

Nearly half of John Thomas Dye graduates matriculate to Harvard-Westlake, comprising about 10 percent of its incoming seventh-grade class. Carlthorp, CEE, Curtis, Laurence and Mirman send plenty of students, too. A second option from these schools is Brentwood (K-12), which also gets kids directly from Sunshine Preschool.

Wildwood (K-12)

Local preschools including Circle of Children and 10th Street are frequent feeders. PS1 Pluralistic and Willow graduates like Wildwood, though they attend nearby Windward (7-12) at even higher rates.

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