'A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding' Trailer Features Rose McIver as Fish out of Water

The sequel also stars Ben Lamb, Honor Kneafsey, Alice Krige, Tahirah Sharif and Sarah Douglas.

The first trailer for Netflix's upcoming sequel A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding was released on Thursday.

The original film follows journalist Amber (Rose McIver) traveling to the fictional foreign nation of Aldovia to cover Prince Richard (Ben Lamb). After being mistaken as the young Princess Emily's (Honor Kneafsey) new tutor, Amber plays along with the fake identity, hoping to uncover a story. Amber and Richard eventually fall in love and become engaged.

The sequel picks up as the engaged couple prepare for the wedding of the year. Alice Krige, Tahirah Sharif and Sarah Douglas also star in the John Schultz-directed film.

The sequel was announced in May. The original film, which hit Netflix in November 2017, became an overnight sensation and was a popular topic on social media. While Netflix doesn't release their ratings, A Christmas Prince has become a bit of a cult hit for the platform. 

Netflix also drew backlash after the company's Twitter account made fun of some of the film's more ardent viewers by referencing its viewing data. "To the 53 people who've watched A Christmas Prince every day for the past 18 days: Who hurt you?" read the tweet

The trailer opens with Amber updating her blog readers about what she's been up to since becoming engaged. "Somehow through all of this insanity, I'm still me even though I'm about to become queen of a small country," she says in a voiceover as clips show the paparazzi following her and the prince.

Meanwhile, wedding planning begins with Queen Helena (Krige) as Amber deals with paparazzi following every step she makes. "Life in a fishbowl takes some getting used to," she says as she struggles to adjust to her new life in the public eye. Mrs. Averill (Douglas) later tells her that she "must be careful of the image" that she projects.

"I just always thought that my wedding would be about being with the person I love," Amber says during a wedding planning montage. "I didn't realize it meant having to give up who I am."

The royal formalities ultimately drive a wedge between Amber and Richard. The trailer concludes with Richard apologizing to Amber and previews the couple dancing at their wedding reception.

A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding will be available to stream on Netflix on Nov. 30. Watch the full trailer above.