Spirit Awards: 'A Fantastic Woman' Wins Best International Film

Transgender star Daniela Vega makes her feature debut in the Chilean movie also up for the foreign-language prize at tomorrow's Oscars.

Chile's A Fantastic Woman won the award for best international film at the 33rd Independent Spirit Awards on Saturday (March 3).

The movie beat out France's BPM, Zambia's I Am Not a Witch, the U.K.'s Lady Macbeth and Russia's Loveless.

Salma Hayek presented the award, making a dig at the president, noting that no international film awards have ever gone to a "shithole nation" because "there are no shithole nations." She was thrilled to announce A Fantastic Woman as the winner, screaming the results into the mic excitedly. 

Director Sebastian Lelio accepted the award on the team's behalf. In his speech, he spoke highly of transgender star Daniela Vega, emphasizing her bravery and phenomenal performance. 

The film follows main character Marina (Vega, in a breakout role), who grieves over the death of her love, Orlando. After being investigated, it is uncovered she is a transgender woman and is shunned by Orlando's family, disregarded because of her gender identity. She struggles to be herself and find solace in the long journey she took to become a woman. 

A Fantastic Woman is also nominated for best foreign-language film at the Oscars on March 4.