'A Good Day to Die Hard': What the Fans Are Saying

Die Hard Film Still Bruce Willis - P 2011
Twentieth Century Fox

Die Hard Film Still Bruce Willis - P 2011

The fifth go-round for Bruce Willis as John McClane is already inspiring derision online.

Bruce Willis is making a comeback as that one-man wrecking crew, John McClane in A Good Day to Die Hard. 20th Century Fox announced the title and release date -- Feb. 14, 2013 -- on Wednesday and immediately, fans took to the Internet to shout a few yippie-ki-ays. But many also expressed great displeasure at the new title, saying it sounded almost James Bond-like, and took to suggesting better titles (such as Die Hard 4S).

Among the more colorful responses by fans on Twitter:

Kumail Nanjiani

"It shoulda been called Old Franchises Die Hard."

Scott from the Bay Area

"With a title like that, sounds like someone wants to turn the John McClane franchise into a James Bond-like franchise."

Rick B of the UK

"A Good Day To Die Hard" has got to be one of the worse films titles in a long time.

Rob Sheppard of Belmont, MA

"So the details I'm hearing about the next Die Hard movie are pretty awful. Willis must need the money. ‘A Good Day To Die Hard’. Seriously?"

Naomi Desiderius

"A Good Day to Die Hard: John McClane takes on the Klingon Empire singlehandedly."

Lindsey Perry of Reno, NV

"You should know this It's 'A Good Day To Die Hard,' But Could It Be...Gooder?"

Chunk, radio producer and stand up comic

"Die Hard 5: We All Need A Paycheck"

Paul Nelson

"Each piece of news about DIE HARD 5 is like a new move in a special game called "How Can We Make Paul Nelson Not Care?"

Brian Lynch

"Can they do a FAST FIVE with the DIE HARD trilogy and have McClane team up with Al, Sam Jackson, and Justin Long? Thanks."

James Gallagher of Sheffield, UK

'A Good Day to Die Hard' - What a terrible title. It's no Die Hard with a Vengence is it.

Ken Moffat of Calgary, Alberta

"A 5th Die Hard movie will be made. Really. Howard the Duck is looking better every day, and I'm talking the movie, not the duck."

Aaron Jackson of Peoria, AZ

"Die Hard 5 title revealed: A Good Day to Die Hard. *sigh* Seriously, Fox? Why not Only the Good Die Hard? Or just stick with Die Hard 5?"